There's a definite split between fans of The Walking Dead TV series. While the show may have originally planned to have the focus of the show be on Rick, Shane and Daryl are fan favorites and have been getting plenty of screen time. In a recent interview, Robert Kirkman talks about Shane's future on the show.

**Spoiler Warning**

Readers of the comic book know that Shane dies early in the series, but the second season has already shown that the TV series will not always follow the comic in terms of who lives and dies:

"From the comic book standpoint, he's living on borrowed time, but the beauty of the show is that we can change things up... The storyline with Otis and all of the different things that are happening on the farm because of Shane's presence are a pretty clear indication that this guy is a pretty good catalyst for story,"

The first part of the interview isn't anything different from what we've heard before, but the following comments seem to indicate that Shane may survive season 2 and beyond:

"I certainly don't feel like he's worn out his welcome just yet. The thought of seeing Shane interact with a possible future prison storyline and interacting with other things that happened in the comic book is absolutely super appealing for me."

Is Robert Kirkman using this interview as an opportunity for misdirection? It doesn't sound like it. Shane is very popular among fans and the writers are aware of this. How long Shane will stay on the show remains to be seen, but a season 2 death looks to be a little less likely after these comments from Robert Kirkman. What do you think? Do you want to see Shane continue on past season 2?

Source: TV Guide