At Image Expo earlier this month, Robert Kirkman teased that "Merle will be seen again". We now have official confirmation from Michael Rooker himself, that he will be returning for The Walking Dead Season 3. Kirstian Hanson is currently covering WonderCon for Daily Dead and let us know that Michael Rooker announced his return as Merle during the Lollipop Chainsaw panel.

While Rooker didn't go into much more detail, he did mention that he lost 20 lbs for the role. For those that have read the comic, feel free to speculate as to how that may tie into the upcoming events of the show.

The Walking Dead season 3 begins shooting in May, with 16 episodes planned. We'll update this story if any additional information on Merle is revealed during the show.

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  • he could be bruce, martinez, thomas or even bob

  • What the fuck? You’re kidding right?  He’s Merle…

  • Anonymous

    I bet he is the leader of the 30 people that Randall was with. I’m so happy he is coming back.  Him and Darryl are so awesome.

  • Anonymous

    *Spoiler warning for non-comic book readers* – I think Eli means that Merle could be one of the men close to The Governor or someone they encounter in the prison.  

  •  nice idea. i would appreciate it.

  • Anonymous

    Either way he’s back minus a hand but equally badass 

  • Megan Stephens

    They have combined a lot of characters in the show to make up for characters in the comics.  A huge missing person is Tyrese, who I think is similar to Shane, Darryl and even T-Dogg (when T-Dogg carries a hammer and when he makes a comment to Randall about “the Governor called, you’re off the hook”)

    So actually, it isn’t that far off base, there is no Merle or Darryl in the comics.  

    So, your hostility is really unwarranted.

  • The leader of that group is the governor 

  • I would guess he is one of the Governor’s men. Just seems like a fit.

  • So…is he just gonna wear a green glove for every scene?

  • 0bsessions

    Which, if following some of the concepts from the comics, makes a whole bucketload of sense. If Merle is with the Governor’s camp, Merle may well want some eye for an eye justice which could result in a certain castmember’s maiming in the comic coming to pass in the show.

  • Rgie Gange

    can’t wait for the next seaon to be aired,,,

  • he is the man which saved andrea in the last episode of season 2. he was in a black suit, and two zombies were following him

  • And Rick too… his hand is… oops.. spoiler alert ..hehe

  • alexandreroussel123

    je suis tros conten que men acteur prefere est revenu          

    I am so happy because my fevorite acteur was back                         

  •  there were more than 30 people in woodbury in the comic

  • I think if Daryl and Merle see each other again. Daryl might change from being nice well kinder than he is starting to be in season 2, he will go back to his old self and probably join Merle and go against the group. Yet, his relationship/friendship with Carol Peletier is getting better. If Merle started to do something to Carol, Daryl would probably stop him and might even kill him. But that might never happen and his so called friendship with Carol might just end and she’ll probably end up going crazy and probably gets killed. Whilst Merle and Daryl just go on their own away from the group.

  • that’s Michonne, not Merle Dixon

  • Having read the comics wouldn’t make a difference considering he wasn’t in them. Right?-