Rick Grimes had his own Luke Skywalker "rancor pit moment" in season 7 of The Walking Dead when he was forced to fight the spiked walker known as Winslow in the trash heaps of the Scavengers' junkyard. Created with eye-popping artistry by Greg Nicotero's KNB Effects Group and played brilliantly by Gino Crognale, McFarlane Toys' depiction of the memorable walker is the centerpiece of Lionsgate and Anchor Bay Entertainment's The Walking Dead Season 7 limited edition Blu-ray, and the first images of the anticipated set have now been revealed.

In past limited edition Blu-ray sets, we've seen the truck walker, the napalm walker, and the Governor's wall of heads, but this year's limited edition release might take the top spot for collectors. Displayed in new images that debuted exclusively on Yahoo! (see below), The Walking Dead Season 7 limited edition Blu-ray set is dominated by the spiked walker statue crafted by McFarlane, which sits atop the five-disc Blu-ray set. To access the Blu-ray discs below the statue, collectors must pull out one of the spikes from his body and re-insert it—a macabre version of a post-apocalyptic key.

The Walking Dead Season 7 Limited Edition Spike Walker Statue with Soft Touch Digipak set will be available exclusively on Amazon.com this October and will come with the special features included on the regular edition Blu-ray that was recently announced for an August release.

As per previous years, collectors can also look forward to picking up multiple versions of The Walking Dead's latest season on Blu-ray, including Target's steelbook, Best Buy's lenticular packaging, and Walmart's Blu-ray and DVD sets that include Topps trading cards of Walking Dead characters (perhaps so fans can see how many "home runs" Negan has hit with Lucille).

Stay tuned to Daily Dead for more coverage of The Walking Dead, which returns for its eighth season on Sunday, October 22nd.

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