RockYou is currently developing the The Walking Dead Social Game for Facebook, and we have a status update on the release date, along with a new zombie image.

The official Facebook page for The Walking Dead Social Game originally said "coming this April". That has now been changed to "launches on Facebook this Spring", so it's unlikely that the game will see a release this month. We reached out to RockYou, who told us that they don't have an officially announced launch date at this time. However, as soon as anything is announced, we'll have it here on Daily Dead.

Below we've included a recently released zombie and location image from The Walking Dead Social Game. We also included two previously released zombie images.

"AMC and RockYou® have announced The Walking Dead Social Game, the first interactive game where users can play inside a social gaming world based on AMC’s TV series. The game allows players to have their own, unique adventures, with opportunities to encounter show characters at key moments suggested by the show’s rich narrative. The goal of the game is to survive the apocalypse by fighting walkers (zombies) to keep yourself and your fellow survivors alive, while scavenging resources and establishing camps based on settings from the show. Users can sign-up now for The Walking Dead Social Game on AMC’s The Walking Dead Facebook page and at

The Walking Dead Social Game allows users to place guards, gather materials and fight zombies while avoiding detection and attack. The player controls his own unique party of survivors, which can include his friends but there are also opportunities for the player to interact with the TV characters. Mid-core and hard-core gamers typically engage with and thrive in games where failure is a critical element; social titles lack this key aspect of gameplay and, for the first time on Facebook, The Walking Dead Social Game reintroduces a sense of risk and heightened challenge for players."

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