We previously let readers know that a new Tyreese story was being released on May 4th as part of this year's Free Comic Book Day. We now have a better version of the official cover art and details from Robert Kirkman on why he decided to create a new story focusing on Tyreese. 

The 2013 Free Comic Book Day issue of The Walking Dead will feature an exclusive Tyreese short story that you can only find in this issue. Additionally, the issue will include the rare shorts stories that were previously released for Michonne, Morgan, and The Governor.

Here's what Robert Kirkman had to say about his reason for choosing Tyreese as the focus of a new short story (via FCBD):

"This season of the show, especially in the second half that is airing now, The Governor, Michonne, Morgan and Tyreese are all prominently featured.  I noticed we happened to have six page stories for each of these four characters except for Tyreese... and so I thought it would be cool to release a book collecting them all, with a new Tyreese story, for Free Comic Book Day... as something that would be a cool thing to promote and get people into comic shops for a free comic.

...I'm very proud of the fact that the success of The Walking Dead show is bringing people into comic shops and introducing them to our fine medium. I hear constantly from tons of retailers talking about how new faces appear in their shops looking for The Walking Dead. Hopefully being able to give something out for free will ramp up that phenomenon."

This issue is free to anyone who can pick it up on May 4th, so all you need to do is hunt down a comic book shop that's taking part in the event. Make sure to call your local comic book store ahead of time to see if they are participating.

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