Readers have been regularly asking us about the release date for episode 2 of The Walking Dead video game and we finally have the details.

Titled Starving For Help, the second episode will be released on Xbox Live tomorrow, Wednesday, June 27th. PC and PlayStation 3 owners will have to wait just a little bit longer and can play the new episode starting on Friday, June 29th.

All of these dates are said to apply to international releases as well, except for the PlayStation 3 EU version, which has not yet been announced. For those that missed the earlier E3 coverage, here is a description of the new episode, along with screenshots and a gameplay video: 

"Picking up three months after the events of the first game, Lee's group has grown by one but his problems have grown exponentially. It's winter, the group is nearly out of food, and people are turning on each other.

All of this weighs on us as players in two specific ways -- brutality and choice. The opening of the game is Lee slamming his axe into a walker's skull, and within minutes, we're treated to the most grotesque moment of the Walking Dead game so far.