The Walking Dead Web Game Teaser

2011/10/14 22:01:58 +00:00 | Jonathan James

AMC has revealed that they are working on an online "choose your own adventure" game titled The Walking Dead: Dead Reckoning, where you take on the role of Shane right at the beginning of the zombie outbreak.

"When Rick wakes from a coma, he finds his wife Lori and his partner Shane gone and the police station basically abandoned. (Sure, former deputy Leon Bassett is still around but he's a zombie now.) Where are Shane and Lori? How did Leon end up like that? Get to the root of the matter with this interactive teaser of The Walking Dead: Dead Reckoning, AMC's online game which lets you play the role of Shane Walsh during civilization's final days. Who's a threat? Who needs to be saved? Who must be sacrificed for the greater good? Start the journey today then come back for the full game experience in early 2012."

While the full web game won't be released until next year, a teaser version is online at the AMC's official website for The Walking Dead: