In a brutal post-apocalyptic world, a family fights to survive against ruthless bandits in Geoff Resiner's new movie Fear, and ahead of the thriller's June 15th release on DVD and Premium TVOD via New Era Entertainment, we've been provided with the exclusive trailer to share with Daily Dead readers!

New Era Entertainment have slated their first release for thriller FEAR across the USA and Canada on June, 15th 2021.

The film will receive a full home entertainment release, with a day-and-date physical DVD and Premium TVOD, followed by a full digital release.

FEAR is an action thriller, set in the desolate regions of Pacific Northwest where a young family faces a group of bandits who steal the last of their supplies; with time running out, they must form an alliance with the outlaws to protect their children.

Starring Marci Miller (Sinister Savior, Children of the Corn: Runaway) Jason Tobias (Downrange, The Competition, The Unravelling, Ocean’s Rising, Most Likely to Die, David and Goliath),Justin Dray (Boost, Ad Astra), Danny Druiz (Mighty Oak), Cece Kelly (Big Freaking Rat, Through the Glass Darkly, Nation’s Fire),

The film was co-written by Jason Tobias and Geoff Resiner, (Resiner) directed.

Produced by Action Figure Entertainment, with producers Jason Tobias and Anna Bradley. Blair Pennington and Lucas Solomon executive produced.

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