This past weekend at the Toy Fair in New York City, Funko unveiled enough collectibles to fill horror lovers' holiday wish lists in 2018, including Pop! vinyl figures for Stranger Things Season 2, Dorbz for Hellboy, and much more.

Revealed on Facebook and their official website, many of Funko's Toy Fair reveals can be viewed in the gallery below. Highlights this year include David S. Pumpkins and his dancing skeletal companions that are part of Funko's Saturday Night Live line, Game of Thrones Pop! vinyl figures featuring some familiar faces from Westeros, and two Pop! vinyl figures that capture the memorable stage presence of the one and only Alice Cooper.

Perhaps the most impressive batch of Pop! vinyl figures in the bunch are Funko's Pop! vinyl figures depicting characters from Stranger Things Season 2. This latest group features key characters as they appeared in pivotal moments from the second season, including Eleven's Pittsburgh punk makeover, the lovable Bob in his vampire Halloween costume, and both Steve Harrington and Sheriff Hopper in outfits worn during their underground adventures in the pumpkin patch.

All of these collectibles are due out this year, and you can visit Funko's official website for full details. And, in case you missed it, check here for all of our Toy Fair 2018 coverage.

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