After making a big splash as one of the most well-received horror films of 2016, the world of Yeon Sang-ho's Train to Busan is further explored in Seoul Station, the animated prequel to the living dead film that shows the devastating early stages of the zombie apocalypse. And, following its April home media release in the UK, FilmRise will unleash the prequel on iTunes in the US before the end of the month.

Seoul Station will hit iTunes on May 30th courtesy of FilmRise, and you can watch the official trailer for the animated prequel below.

"SEOUL STATION, from visionary Train to Busan director Yeon Sang-ho, lands exclusively on iTunes in the U.S. May 30th!

The animated prequel to the box office record-breaker TRAIN TO BUSAN and the latest from director Yeon Sang-ho, SEOUL STATION is a fresh and terrifying take on the modern zombie film.

A man sleeping in Seoul Station becomes a catalyst for the pandemonium in downtown Seoul; a zombie apocalypse. The rapidly spreading infection propels an authentic family drama, drawing mordant parallels to real-world social horrors."

  • Derek Anderson
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