Following the recent display of their massive Gremlins puppet props at Monsterpalooza, the fine folks at Trick or Treat Studios have now teased another item that will surely make it onto the wish lists of many horror fans this fall: a life-size prop based on the iconic (and titular) creature from 1988's Pumpkinhead.

Revealed on their Facebook page, Trick or Treat Studios' life-size Pumpkinhead prop is taken from the movie mold of the incredible creature created by the amazing effects team at Stan Winston Studios. The giant collectible will be released sometime this fall.

While official release details (including pricing) will be revealed soon, Trick or Treat Studios did share the following comment on Facebook:

"Guys and Ghouls, we will have pricing information as well as shipping costs within the next week or two, so hang tight. The plan is to produce in lots of 5 and than put them up on the site for sale, ship those five and produce another lot of five, put them up on the site and ship them, etc. We are so happy to be able to offer these direct from the screen mold, they are amazing!"

Stay tuned to Daily Dead for more information, and in the meantime, check out Trick or Treat Studios' eye-popping Pumpkinhead mask.

Photo via Trick or Treat Studios:

Source: Facebook
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