In 1969, John Carpenter made his first student film at USC, titled Captain Voyeur. The 8-minute black and white film has been located at the archives of the University of Southern California and will be restored.

"Captain Voyeur follows a man at a boring computer job who eyes a woman at work and follows her home. He dons a mask and attempts to kill her but is shot by his co-worker."

According to THR and archivist Dino Everett there is one scene in particular that is said to be very similar to a scene from Halloween: "The voyeur puts on a pair of glasses over his mask, much in the manner that Michael Myers wore glasses over the bedsheet covering his head in the Halloween prologue."

This film is being restored with a grant from the National Film Preservation Foundation. These films are said to be available to the public for on-site research, and may be available online and DVD in the future.

Source: THR