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Her delectable desserts have honored Hellraiser’s Cenobites and paid tribute to Elm Street's dream stalker, and artist Janine Lister's latest creepy creation celebrates another formidable force in the horror genre: filmmaker Adam Green.

Featuring characters and settings from the worlds of one of her favorite filmmakers, this incredible Adam Green cake was conceived when Janine wanted to design a dessert that would encompass multiple horror projects that were all created by the same person.

Being a passionate fan of Kane Hodder, Janine watched the horror icon play Victor Crowley in Green's Hatchet movies, which led her to seek out more of the director's projects, including FrozenDigging Up the Marrow, the horror anthology Chillerama, and the Holliston series, all of which are represented on her cake:

"I wanted to do a cake that would be a bit of an art piece based on something in the horror genre, so I started thinking of some ideas which would make a slightly different cake. I could have made one based on a particular horror franchise or some sort of juxtaposition of a horror character, but I instead decided to concentrate on a particular person in horror. In order for the cake to work, I wanted someone who had done a good range of work with interesting imagery.

A few years back, being a slight (major understatement) fan of Kane Hodder, I came across Adam Green, and he became one of my favorite horror directors. I enjoyed all his films and later his TV program, Holliston. I loved the imaginative characters, storylines, and his overall film style, so I started looking at how I could integrate several films into one overall cake, which would hopefully not look too disjointed. My favorite Adam Green film is obviously Hatchet, because of Victor Crowley (he’s so adorable), but I really enjoy the unusual storylines in Digging Up the Marrow and Chillerama (especially the "Wadzilla" segment written and directed by Adam Rifkin)."

The Adam Green cake is one of the most detailed desserts that Janine has created. Combined with her savvy cake-making skills, Janine's 3D printer helped her bring the humor and horror of Green's projects to life:

"The cake was a bit more involved than any of the cakes I have made before. All of the characters were sculpted on the computer and printed using my new 3D printer, and were then finished and hand-painted. The cake was used to stage all the characters and create a scene to tie all the films together. I used normal cake-making techniques and a few less conventional ones to create the textures on the ground and the snow. The water was made using edible piping gel to give a realistic water effect. I personally thought it was fun to add a few electrics into the cake for extra lighting, which is something I will hopefully use in the future."

Janine was kind enough to share photos of her Adam Green cake—from the 3D design process to the finished product—that you can view below. To learn more about Janine's incredible creations, including her Hellraiser cupcakes and A Nightmare on Elm Street cupcakes, visit:

Phantasm Boxset
Phantasm Boxset