Hitting theaters this weekend is Julius Avery’s Overlord, the first R-rated project out of J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot. The film is centered around a group of soldiers who enter occupied France in hopes of taking out a Nazi communications tower, but find themselves in the middle of something far more horrifying than they ever could have imagined—Axis forces conducting grotesque medical experiments on innocent civilians—and they must rise up against evil to put a stop to the Nazis' reign of terror.

At the press day for Overlord, Daily Dead sat down with two of the film’s co-stars, Jovan Adepo who plays a U.S. soldier named Boyce, and Mathilde Ollivier, who plays a French villager named Chloe, who isn’t taking crap from her oppressors anymore.

During our interview, the duo discussed being able to dig into their characters in Overlord, getting to play badasses for the action/horror mash-up, and how the film’s amazing production design helped immerse them in this world.

Look for more on Overlord tomorrow, right here on Daily Dead!


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