Over the last few years, Apple TV+’s Servant has left me completely enthralled, often bewildered (which I mean in the best possible way), and even horrified as well. The series is making its return to the platform tomorrow, January 21st, for its third season which is chock-full of new mysteries, drama, and horror-fueled thrills. During a recent press day for the series, Daily Dead had the opportunity to speak with two of Servant’s co-stars, Rupert Grint and Toby Kebbell, about their experiences with the series this time around. During our interview, the duo discussed the evolution of their characters and how the dynamics have shifted from season to season, as well as collaborating with some new faces during season 3 of Servant and more. 

Check out our video interview with Toby Kebbell and Rupert Grint below and look for our final video interview from Servant tomorrow featuring the leading ladies of the series, right here on Daily Dead. 

  • Heather Wixson
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