Much of AMC's The Walking Dead has been filmed in the woods and sprawling rural landscape of Georgia, but in Season 5 we'll see an urban return to some extent. This departure from the countryside results in a little trickier shooting scenario for the cast and crew, and in a new video, Location Manager Michael Reilly discusses working with communities while filming a post-apocalyptic world.

At Comic-Con, AMC officially announced that The Walking Dead Season 5 will premiere on October 12th, at 9:00pm ET/PT. Similar to past seasons, there are a total of sixteen episodes that will be split into two parts. While specific air dates have not been announced for the second set of eight episodes, AMC has confirmed that the season will resume in February, 2015.

Talking Dead will also make its return on October 12th and our international readers will be happy to know that Fox International Channels is planning to air The Walking Dead Season 5 in over 125 markets within 24 hours of the US broadcast.

Be on the lookout for plenty of Season 5 coverage between now and the first episode premiere. Until then, catch up on our recent coverage by visiting the following links:

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