Vincent Price is one of my all-time favorite actors and I love reading stories from those that knew him personally or interacted with him on the set of of his movies. Recently, Vanity Fair spoke with Johnny Depp about the upcoming Dark Shadows film and he had a great story about him hanging out with Vincent Price [Thanks Fangoria]:

"I adored him. As did Tim, a long time before me. So we spent time together, hung out. I was totally enamored. And I had this volume of Edgar Allan Poe, TALES OF MYSTERY AND IMAGINATION, that I wanted to show him, just show him, you know, because I love the illustrations by Harry Clarke. I brought it to Vincent, and we were sitting in his trailer. He says, ‘Oh, yes, this is wonderful, it’s a wonderful book.’ He was leafing through these great heavy pages. And he found ‘The Tomb of Ligeia’ and started to read from it. And he read about half a page aloud, maybe. And then he closed the book and continued. He knew it verbatim."

Vincent Price has over 100 movie and television credits spanning over 50 years and we're going to cover quite a bit of his films in our retro-review series. I hope to introduce some of our readers to Vincent Price films they may not have seen, as you really owe it to yourself to catch up on all the great films he has starred in. I love hearing stories like this, so if you have any interesting background info on Vincent Price or other classic horror actors, please send it our way.

Source: Vanity Fair