Starting this weekend, Atlanta Movie Tours is kicking off The Big Zombie Tour, which will take guests on a tour of locations seen in The Walking Dead TV series. I had a chance to talk with Patti Davis of Atlanta Movie Tours, who was more than happy to tell our readers about the tour's beginnings and what to expect:


Thank you for taking the time to talk with us. Can you give our readers a brief overview of The Big Zombie Tour?

Thank you! We love Daily Dead! The Big Zombie tour takes guests on a comprehensive tour of Season One's most iconic locations of The Walking Dead, peppered with a little bit of Zombieland.

What inspired you to create this tour? How did the idea initially come about and what did it take to make it a reality?

Carrie Sagel Burns and I were talking one night and she was relating how she had been taking out-of-town friends from Dragon*Con to all the Walker locations around town. The idea sprouted right there, and we developed the tour by meeting with the owners of the locations and the City of Atlanta to gain access to each place we will be taking tour guests. We built on that by adding luxury coaches and other surprises to the mix to create a tour that we would love to take ourselves. Atlanta Movie Tours is interested in helping to promote filming in GA and Atlanta and to further the economic impact of it. We would like to also help educate people about filming and working with film and production crews in real-life, everyday environments, as Carrie does everyday.

The tour officially kicks off at the end of March. How has the response been so far?

The response has been really exciting. The buzz is starting to grow and our first tour is almost sold out for March 31 - but there are a few seats available!

I understand that your tour guides have been on the sets of the show and other movies. Can you tell us who we might meet on the tour?

We have a bevy of tour guides that have worked on the sets as actors and/or crew members. Some days you might get Carrie or me as your guide. But I promise it will always be exciting.

What are some of the locations that will be featured on the tour?

Visitors will walk the bridge Rick crossed on his horse before he meets the zombies and gets in the tank. Guests will have access to the quarry where the survivors made camp. The home of the Vatos will be a great place for our guests to stretch their legs and grab a coffee and the CDC will be an exciting stop for photo ops. There are quite a few more, but I would love to keep some surprises.

Do you have any Walking Dead themed items/games in store for those that go on the tour?

We are incorporating quite a few surprises into the tour. You just have to take the tour to experience them!

With season 3 set to start filming in May, will you be taking guests to any of those new spots?

We respect the crews and the network. There is a Season 2 tour in the works. A Season 3 tour will be created after it has run, so as not to spoil the mystery surrounding the show.

Is there anything else you'd like to share with your readers about The Big Zombie Tour?

We invite everyone to come out and visit us here in Atlanta! $45 for a 4-hour tour is a great value and all fans of the undead will love taking The Big Zombie Tour. We are available for private charters and feel this would be a fantastic way for a group to host a birthday party, family reunion or even a bachelor/bachelorette party!


We've included a number of photos from the locations you'll visit below. For more information or to pick up tickets, visit:

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