Flesh-eating walkers and the skilled characters who fight them are taking over the New York/New Jersey area this December with the arrival of the Walker Stalker Con. A new slate of guests from AMC's The Walking Dead have been announced for the event, including David Morrissey, the actor who plays The Governor, the conniving former leader of Woodbury who once arrived on Rick Grimes' doorstep with a tank.

Morrissey, who's also known for playing the characters Ripley Holden (Blackpool) and Jackson Lake (Doctor Who), will be joined by recently announced The Walking Dead guests Josh McDermitt (Eugene) and Brighton Sharpino (Lizzie), as well as four freshly added actors from legendary zombie films like Howard Sherman (the zombie known as Bub from Day of the Dead), Kyra Schon (Karen from Night of the Living Dead), Terry Alexander (John from Day of the Dead), and Lori Cardille (Sarah from Day of the Dead).

Previously announced guests like Lauren Cohan (Maggie from The Walking Dead), Chandler Riggs (Carl from The Walking Dead), and Judith O’Dea (Barbara from Night of the Living Dead) will also be in attendance. There are currently 22 guests set to appear at the New York/New Jersey Walker Stalker Con and more will be added in the coming months. We'll keep Daily Dead readers updated on further additions.

The New York/New Jersey Walker Stalker Con will take place in the Meadowlands Exposition Center in Secaucus, NJ, on December 13th and 14th. The full event schedule can be found at:

Here is the full guest list:

David Morrissey

  • The Governor (The Walking Dead)

Steven Yeun

  • Glenn (The Walking Dead)

Chandler Riggs

  • Carl (The Walking Dead)

Emily Kinney

  • Beth (The Walking Dead)

Lauren Cohan

  • Maggie (The Walking Dead)

Greg Nicotero

  • The Walking Dead

Michael Cudlitz

  • Abraham (The Walking Dead)

Josh McDermitt

  • Eugene (The Walking Dead)

Lawrence Gilliard Jr.

  • Bob (The Walking Dead)

Sonequa Martin-Green

  • Sasha (The Walking Dead)

Brighton Sharbino

  • Lizzie (The Walking Dead)

Jeff Kober

  • Joe (The Walking Dead)

IronE Singleton

  • T-Dog (The Walking Dead)

Alanna Masterson

  • Tara (The Walking Dead)

Christian Serratos

  • Rosita (The Walking Dead)

Melissa Hutchison

  • Clementine (The Walking Dead)

Judith O’Dea

  • Barbara (Night of the Living Dead)

Russ Streiner

  • Johnny (Night of the Living Dead)

Kyra Schon

  • Night of the Living Dead

Howard Sherman

  • Bub (Day of the Dead)

Terry Alexander

  • John (Day of the Dead)

Lori Cardille

  • Sarah (Day of the Dead)
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