Telltale was pretty tight-lipped about their upcoming game based on The Walking Dead. However, they did release some concept art and we compiled as much information as we could find from various sources about the game. Continue reading to check it all out....

-The game is being developed for the PC and consoles with a planned winter release date.

-Robert Kirkman is "actively involved in the game's direction and design". [Source: Gamepro]

-The game will be based off of the comic series world and not the world of the TV show.

-Telltale Games has gotten the approval to expand the fiction from the comic series. [Source: Game Informer]

-The main character of the game is Lee Everett, an original character created for the game.

-Everette is described as "a convict who escapes the law's grasp during a zombie apocalypse". [Source: PC Mag]

-Another main character is Clementine, as 7 yr old who joins up with Everette and "helps this hardened criminal find his humanity in a zombified world". [Source: PC Mag]

-You will be introduced to new locations in the game, but familiar ones such as Hershel farm will be visited. [Source: Game Informer]

-Some of the comic's characters will appear in the game including Glenn and Lilly. [Source: Machinima]

More information is expected to be revealed at the San Diego Comic Con, but until then here is a piece concept art from The Walking Dead game. You can also find character art at the source link below.

Source: IGN