If you enjoyed The Walking Dead: The Board Game from Z-Man Games, you'll be happy to hear that a stand-alone sequel is in the early stages of development. This project has been taken to Kickstarter and while we don't usually cover crowd funding projects, this is being developed by the creators of The Walking Dead board game and has the support of the Skybound team:

About the project: "The Walking Dead The Prison - Board Game focuses on the events of issues 13 through 24: the discovery of, fight to clean out, and struggle to control…The Prison.

The Walking Dead The Prison - Board Game will have an MSRP of $49.99. Backers of The Walking Dead The Prison - Board Game will not only be first to receive the game before it is in stores, but also will have the opportunity to purchase the game at a lower price and have access to Kickstarter exclusive game components and rule sets.

After months in the wild and on the run, Rick, Lori, Andrea, Glenn and the rest of the survivors find the ultimate survival spot outside Atlanta, Georgia: a fenced in prison, still in good condition.

Of course, it’s filled with zombies that need to be cleared, and before the survivors can do that they learn all too quickly that they aren’t the only survivors seeking refuge inside the prison. With existing tenants (Dexter, Axel, Thomas and Andrew) to handle and new group members to integrate with (Michonne), the challenge of living in the prison isn’t just about fighting zombies...

The survivors end up struggling with each other for control over the group's fate.

This is the setting of our game."


About the game: "The Walking Dead The Prison - Board Game is a new, stand-alone board game in which you and up to five of your friends take on the role of one of the six leaders of the group from Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead: Rick, Tyreese, Glenn, Dale, Andrea, and Michonne.

The goal of the game? To earn enough Leadership Points to take control of the entire group of survivors.

To earn Leadership Points, they must fight their way through the zombie swarm in the prison yard, bash their way through the prison itself, reach their destination and secure the area. Along the way, players will have to collect additional resources, rescue Followers, and as expected...fight zombies.

Anyone who has played the first game will be familiar with many of the features and mechanics in this sequel.

The Walking Dead The Prison - Board Game is both a stand-alone game and an expansion module to the first game, easily converting the first game into one half of an epic.

The Walking Dead The Prison - Board Game is a labor of love. We at MegaGigaOmniCorp and Top8Magic are huge fans of the comic book, and cherish the opportunity to bring it to life for other hardcore fans of the game like us. We take great pride in our track record of creating games based on stories that we are tremendous fans of (Lost, Alice in Wonderland, and more), and are thrilled to continue that legacy of faithful and innovative adaptations.


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