With the cast and crew of The Walking Dead appearing at Comic-Con and the Season 5 trailer making its debut on Friday, it was a big weekend for fans of The Walking Dead, with no shortage of memorable moments in San Diego. Now AMC is bringing The Walking Dead experience out of the convention center and into fans' homes with the release of six highlight videos from Comic-Con that will help viewers hold on a little longer until the fifth season debuts on October 12th.

Ranging from the Terminus BBQ to backstage interviews to Q&A sessions with cast members, these videos from AMC offer a look into the steadily growing traditions and celebrations of The Walking Dead at Comic-Con, including the cast's ritual of running into the ocean.

Check back in the coming weeks for our Comic-Con coverage of The Walking Dead, including interviews with the show's cast members.

Note: These videos are likely targeted by region and may not play in all countries.



In case you missed it, we also have the official Season 5 trailer and the first trailer for No Man's Land, a mobile game set in The Walking Dead world from Next Games and AMC. For the alternate international embed of the Season 5 trailer, visit:

Source: AMC
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