In addition to writing horror in his new novel The Remaking and the Marvel comic book series Scream: Curse of Carnage, Clay McLeod Chapman brings surreal scares to life in The Pumpkin Pie Show, an immersive, one-on-one storytelling experience that he's performed live at numerous film festivals and horror gatherings over the years.

Chapman was going to perform The Pumpkin Pie Show at this month's 2020 Chattanooga Film Festival, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the festival has been postponed, but that's not stopping Chapman from bringing The Pumpkin Pie Show to horror fans.

In a new online video that you can watch below, Chapman performs his horror comedy story Baby Carrots, giving everyone the chance to experience the magic of The Pumpkin Pie Show from the comfort of their own homes:

"In honor of the presently postponed 2020 Chattanooga Film Festival, where The Pumpkin Pie Show was scheduled to perform this weekend, here is a quarantined-performance of a fest-fave from last year titled...


It's a goofy story about a man haunted by a bad batch of baby carrots.

NSFW: language, carrot violence, carrot innuendo, general stupidity.

Thanks to Chris Dortch and everyone at the Chattanooga Film Festival. Here's hoping we can bring the show back soooooon!

To learn more about the festival, go here:

To learn more about The Pumpkin Pie Show, go here:"

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