If you weren't able to catch last night's special episode of Talking Dead, you missed out on the first footage Michonne in action from The Walking Dead Season 3. Don't worry, though, because we have it for you to watch, along with some choice quotes from the show.

Showrunner Glen Mazzara briefly talked about The Governor and how he sees himself in the zombie apocalypse: "The Governor is a guy who believes the zombie apocalypse is all about him... he thinks he's the messiah..."

Chandler Riggs also called into the show and it sounds like his character on the TV series will follow the same path as the comic book series: "He's growing up. He's definitely not a kid anymore. He's going to the darkside... he's more of a soldier and more part of the group now..."

*Minor Spoilers* Everyone was quiet when they were asked whether or not Morgan and Duane would show up this season. They also didn't answer questions about the helicopter, but comic book fans probably have a good idea of what to expect. Gale Anne Hurd talked about the town of Woodbury and made it sounds like Rick and the group will find everyone inviting and friendly at first. *End Spoilers*

The video below probably isn't enough to tide you over until October, but we'll have plenty of exclusive coverage of The Walking Dead next week when we attend the San Diego Comic-Con. Missed any of our previous coverage? We've included the recently released Season 3 poster and photos below, along with links to our recent coverage:

*Note: Some of the YouTube versions have been removed. We'll update this story when AMC releases an official version available.

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