We've been providing readers with video footage from a number of panels from Flashback Weekend, including Tom Atkins and the Dawn of the Dead cast. For our last video feature, we have the panel and Q&A session with George A. Romero, who made a rare convention appearance last weekend.

On the zombie front, George A. Romero talks about his past films, his surprise at zombie walks, why he isn't interested in using Kickstarter for his latest project, and he gives us an impersonation of Dario Argento. He also makes mention of The Zombie Autopsies and his Marvel zombie comic book series, which we brought you exclusive details on early this week.

Later this week, we'll be publishing our full one on one interview with George A. Romero, which covers the Day of the Dead remake, his favorite "Dead" film, and more. We want to give a big thanks to the team at Flashback Weekend for allowing us to cover this event for our readers. Catch up on our recent Flashback coverage by visiting the following links:

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