Featuring a star-studded cast including Tony Todd, Adrienne Barbeau, Bruce Dern, Meg Foster, John Kassir, and Billy Zane, Justin Lee's Hellblazers is now streaming on Tubi, and we have a look at the action-packed trailer for the new horror movie about a small town, a satanic cult, and a ravenous demon.

A satanic cult focused on unleashing hell on earth, conjures up a demon and sets to the task of feeding it the populace of a nearby southwestern town. Written and directed by Justin Lee (“Badland,” “Final Kill”), the film stars Tony Todd (“Candyman”), Adrienne Barbeau (“Escape from New York”), Bruce Dern (“Nebraska”), John Kassir (“Tales from the Crypt”), Meg Foster (“They Live”), Edward Finlay (“Apache Junction”), Ed Morrone (“Final Kill”) and Billy Zane (“Titanic”). A Hillin Entertainment production, with Daemon Hillin, Melanie Young and Justin Lee producing, HELLBLAZERS is executive produced by Avi Haas Frank Salzano, Vasily Bernhardt, Taras Shydlyk, Jordan Dykstra and Ellen S. Wander, the team behind “Apache Junction.”

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