Sometimes the only thing more frightening than getting older is facing a summoned demon intent on destroying you and your friends... but that's just another day in the twentysomething (soon to be thirtysomething) life of Jane Stevenson in Graves. If you love your horror served in Buffy the Vampire Slayer style and you haven't watched Terence Krey's web series yet, you really should add it to the the top of your to-do list, especially since the third and final season premieres online on Sunday, June 17th.

You can watch the Graves Season 3 trailer below, and in case you missed the first two seasons, you can catch up at the series' official website.

"After the first two seasons of GRAVES creating a cult buzz online for this spooky, vintage-looking teen horror drama web series, Terence Krey and Christine Nyland are excited to announce Season 3: The Final Season. Episode 1 will be released on Sunday, June 17, followed by a press and industry premiere screening at the Brooklyn Alamo Drafthouse on June 19.

In two days, Jane Stevenson turns thirty. But honestly, things can’t get much worse. She spends her days at a crappy job and her nights lost in the Eye of Nostalgia. Kate’s leaving town, Jacob’s dead in the woods, and Rich is doing weird stuff with Fred Jones. And now the demon Astaroth has made a deal with his father to finally become flesh. This might just be a birthday Jane won’t ever forget. Or survive.

GRAVES is a lo-fi, VHS-style, horror-dramedy web series in the vein of "Buffy: The Vampire Slayer." Recently nominated for Best Indie Series at the 2017 Streamy Awards, GRAVES has been called "strangely charming" by AV Club, "a mumblecore-y mash-up of Spaced and Buffy" by Paste Magazine, and "lo-fi comic horror" by SyFy. "GRAVES" is an indie gothic throwback about facing your past, present, and future: one demon at a time.

The eight-episode final season of “GRAVES” premieres on June 17th, running weekly on Vimeo, Youtube, and everywhere else internet video exists. Watch season 1 & 2 right now at

About Christine Nyland:

In 2015, Terence Krey cast Christine Nyland as the lead of the lo-fi horror web series GRAVES, and by the second season she had joined the team as a producer. Throughout production of the series, they discovered a mutual love for the supernatural, folklore, and all kinds of spooky things. After 3 seasons, 21 episodes, critical praise, and a Streamy nomination for "Best Indie Series," Christine and Terence decided to close the book on GRAVES, but not on their horror ambitions. Currently they are developing and co-writing their first horror feature together, the supernatural and witchy “Maiden,” with the intent to go into production by 2019.

About Terence Krey:

Terence Krey is a NYC-based independent filmmaker and overall great guy to have on your team for Buffy trivia. In 2010, he created the black and white sci-fi web series "Oh, Inverted World," which was called an amusing "allegory of 20-something angst and aimlessness" by The New York Times. In 2016, he created the web series "GRAVES," a lo-fi VHS-style horror comedy, which has been called "strangely charming" by AV Club, and "a mumblecore-y mash-up of Spaced and Buffy" by Paste Magazine. Nominated for "Best Indie Series" at the 2017 Streamy Awards, "GRAVES" is about to enter its third and final season in 2018. After that, he will be moving on to the supernatural horror film "Maiden," which he will be writing and developing with Christine Nyland."

Season 3 poster by Amanda Scurti:

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