Weekend Box Office Update

2014/02/09 19:25:00 +00:00 | Jonathan James

The LEGO Movie crushed the competition and beat initial projections by earning an estimated $69.1 million over the weekend at the US box office. This is the second biggest opening weekend ever in the month of February, which is traditionally a slower month for ticket sales. The LEGO Movie has an estimated production budget of $60 million, so it's definitely a big win for Warner Bros. and a sequel is pretty much guaranteed at this point.

The Monuments Men was another new release this weekend and it earned a respectable $22.7 million over the weekend. With its all-star cast, this is a movie that should have some legs. The big problem it has to overcome is its $70 million production budget, which shouldn't be impossible, but this movie needs to have a solid second and third weekend.

Vampire Academy was the other new opening this weekend and it failed to draw any real interest, earning $4.1 million and taking seventh place. It may hang in there a little bit due to Valentine's Day, but we don't expect to see it stay in theaters for too long.

Next week sees the release of About Last Night, Endless Love, RoboCop (on Wednesday), and Winter's Tale. Will The LEGO Movie be able to hold them off in it's second weekend? With most of the upcoming movies having a smaller screen count and RoboCop opening on Wednesday, it is possible. Here's a look at this week's top ten:

1. The LEGO Movie - $69,110,000
2. The Monuments Men - $22,700,000
3. Ride Along - $9,394,000
4. Frozen - $6,914,000
5. That Awkward Moment - $5,540,000
6. Lone Survivor - $5,293,000
7. Vampire Academy - $4,101,000
8. The Nut Job - $3,809,000
9. Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit - $3,600,000
10. Labor Day - $3,230,000