Weekend Box Office Update

2012/09/02 19:28:34 UTC

Horror takes the top spot at the box office. Lionsgate picked a great opening weekend for The Expendables 2 last month and did the same for The Possession, which faced little competition. The Possession earned $17.7 million this weekend, which is a big win for Sam Raimi's Ghost House Pictures, who spent an estimated $14 million producing the film.

As expected, ParaNorman is also holding steady and dropped only 24.2% from last weekend. This movie may not get as much attention as films that cross the 100 million mark, but for a stop-motion horror film with a reasonable budget, it's definitely a successful opening.

Next weekend sees the opening of The Words and The Cold Light of Day. They are both small releases, so expect the top 10 to look similar to how it does this week. Here are the top 10 box office results for this weekend:

1. The Possession - $17,725,000
2. Lawless - $9,674,000
3. The Expendables 2 - $8,800,000
4. The Bourne Legacy - $7,248,000
5. ParaNorman - $6,551,000
6. The Odd Life of Timothy Green - $6,055,000
7. The Dark Knight Rises - $5,880,000
8. The Campaign - $5,445,000
9. 2016 Obama’s America - $5,103,000
10. Hope Springs - $4,700,000

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