Weekend Horror Trivia

2011/06/19 18:32:30 +00:00 | Jonathan James

Reader and contributor Gemma St. Clair recently put together a list of horror movie trivia. We hope you enjoy the weekend feature and we plan on posting some more of these in the future.

1. Dead Alive/Braindead: During the lawnmower scene, blood was pumped out at five gallons per second.

2. The Omen: Harvey Stephens, the actor who played Damien Thorn in the original film, is in the 2006 remake as a journalist.

3. The Wicker Man (1973): Christopher Lee performed in The Wicker Man for free, noting that it is the best script he has ever seen. He still describes the film as one of the best of all time.

4. Scream: Wes Craven has a cameo in this film as Fred the janitor. You can spot him wearing the same outfit as Freddy Krueger.

5. Cronos: Guillermo del Toro in the beginning of the film, walking a dog in front of Jesús Gris house with his real life wife.

6. The Thing (1982): Stan Winston was asked to help with the effects for the Dog-Thing. While he agreed, he did not want to take credit away from Rob Bottin.

7. Hostel: Eli Roth hired actual street kids to play the Bubblegum gang.

8. Jaws: Steven Spielberg was the voice on Quint’s marine radio when Mrs. Brody tries to contact her husband on the Orca.

9. Cujo: Five St. Bernards, one mechanical head, and a person in a dog costume were all used during filming.

10. Gremlins: The set for Kingston Falls is the same one used for Back to the Future. Both movies were filmed in the Universal Studios back lot.