Looking to try a new twist on your Christmas tree angel this year? Weta Workshop has you covered with their cherub tree topper based on one of the many creepy creatures from Michael Dougherty's Krampus, and if you're really looking to deck your halls with horror, you can also add official Krampus ornaments and a "Klaue" teddy bear to your seasonal arsenal.

You can view all of the new Krampus holiday decorations below (via Bloody Disgusting), and to learn more about Weta Workshop and their incredibly detailed decorations, visit their official website.

From Weta Workshop: "No Christmas is complete without a sparkly range of ornaments for your tree. But this is Weta Workshop. We don't do "sparkly."

New from our team of ghouls, goblins, and the hardest-working elves in the Southern Hemisphere: a range of Krampus ornaments snatched right out of director Michael Dougherty’s freakishly fun film! Including baubles, plushies…even a Christmas tree topper crafted out of our main currency, nightmares."

"Klaue" Teddy Bear Plush Toy: "Weta Workshop created deliciously devilish puppets for the darkly festive tale of Krampus - including the not-so-cuddly character of Teddy!

Luckily, our artists have created this super soft plushie version of their Teddy. So you don't have to sleep with the light on.

Open the lid on Teddy's head for a scary surprise!

Please note: images are of pre-production prototype. Final product may differ.


Source: Weta Workshop via Bloody Disgusting
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