Will We See Final Destination 6?

2011/08/23 18:04:44 +00:00 | Jonathan James

Final Destination 5 may not have performed as well at the US box office as Warner Bros. hoped, but the general fan consensus is that it is one of the best entries in the series. It has been rumored that the poor box office showing may prevent future sequels, but Final Destination 5 director Steve Quale recently talked about the possibility of directing Final Destination 6:

"Who knows. Never say never. I mean, it’ll be up to the fans. We’ll see how this one performs internationally and if it makes as much money as the fourth one, I’m sure Warner Brothers will want to make another one. And then the question for me will be just if we can get a script that can live up to this one because frankly I wouldn’t want to go backwards in the same way some sequels do – once they get into the whole franchising thing they can get worse. But if we can make enough impact on an audience as we did here…”

With a reported budget of $40 million, Final Destination 5 has earned $32 million in the US since opening on August 12th. In comparison, The Final Destination had the same budget and earned $27 million during its opening weekend, with a total global take of $186 million. The Final Destination's non-US gross was $119 million (64.3% of total gross), so the chance of a sequel will really depend on international ticket sales.