At Wizard World Minneapolis 2015, I had the chance to speak with Michael Rooker, who chatted briefly about The Walking Dead and Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer. I also caught up with Jason Mewes, who talked about Todd & The Book of Pure Evil.

Michael Rooker Q&A:

Have you been keeping up with The Walking Dead this season? If Merle were still alive, how would he fit into life at Alexandria?

Michael Rooker: I have, I watch my buddies whenever possible every week. First off, I’d have guards at the supply depot. I was surprised that the supply depot hadn’t been raided as of yet by anyone, really. Secondly, I would put the support beams on the inside of the fencing around the complex [laughs]. And then I’d just hang out, have a beer, or make my own home brew, and enjoy life.

Was it intimidating to play the role of a serial killer in your first feature film, Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer?

Michael Rooker: It was, but it was great. It was very intense to get the opportunity to do that and have that type of through line and character that you have to bring to life. It was quite challenging. I had a great time, though. It was very good for me. I learned a lot from that movie.

Unfortunately, the great Tom Towles recently passed away. Do you have a favorite memory of collaborating with Towles in Henry?

Michael Rooker: It was a great collaboration. That’s part of what made the movie work, the contrast between Otis and Henry—both the physical contrast and the psychological contrast.


Jason Mewes Q&A:

What attracted you to playing Jimmy in Todd & The Book of Pure Evil?

Jason Mewes: My buddy Jim was working on it and he was friends with the producers from Canada, and he told me about the character and it just sounded fun.

I hadn’t done much TV. I’d only done a couple episodes of Degrassi: The Next Generation, so right away for me it was like, "Oh, a TV show, that’ll be fun." And then they told me about the character—it wasn’t one of the main characters, but he was a cool character with some cool lines who helps out Todd. It just appealed to me in general because it was TV, the script was cool, as well as the whole special effects and sci-fi aspect of it. And then I always got to throw out words of wisdom, so it was cool to be that guy in this show, to be on the opposite end where I was the one giving words of wisdom.

You sang and danced for the song, “Horny Like the Devil”, in the season two musical episode. What was that experience like for you?

Jason Mewes: It was fun. It was something that I had never done. For me to sort of dance, lip-sync, and sing for something, it was way different. Even though in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back I sing the “Fuck Song,” this was just different because I wasn’t just singing a quick rap—it was actually singing and dancing and choreographing. I got to do a bunch of different things than before. The whole project was awesome. I was really bummed when they didn’t pick up a season three.

But, I’ve read and recorded my dialogue for the movie [the animated Todd & The Book of Pure Evil: The End of The End], and it is super funny. I remember when they sent it to me, I started reading it and I couldn’t put it down. I was cracking up and I could visualize it. When you’re shooting the TV show and it’s live, you picture some of the effects they’re going to have—stabbing this and turning into this and the special effects makeup and fake blood—but with the cartoon, they can just bring it even further because there’s really no limit. Reading the script was just amazing and I cannot wait to see it. Hopefully they finish animation and that comes out soon so I can watch it.

*Spoiler warning for those who haven't seen the final episode of Todd & The Book of Pure Evil* At the end of season two, Jimmy is finally able to leave Crowley High after 16 years. In the upcoming animated film, will we find out where he traveled with his newfound freedom?

Jason Mewes: Yes, you do. In the movie you find out where all of them went, what happens next, and what’s going on. It’s great.

Are there any projects you have on deck that you can share with our readers?

Jason Mewes: Well, hopefully we start shooting Mallrats 2 in September if everything goes as planned. We’re still doing [the podcast] Jay and Silent Bob Get Old, and we have a bunch of tour dates. There have been a few projects that I’m trying to get going for me to direct. I also just launched a vape line called Mewes Juice, so you can go to to check out my vapor juice for vape cigarettes. I’m trying to do different things in different places. Kevin always says to just spin a bunch of different plates and keep busy.

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