Heads up, Kaiju aficionados! Yesterdays, one of the best enamel pin companies around, recently released a brand-new series of pins celebrating several of the greatest monsters in Japanese cinema history. Included in Yesterday’s Kaiju Collection of pins are Gojira, Hedorah, Ghidorah, Mothra and Kong, and if you’re suffering from a case of Kaiju fever as you patiently wait for the release of Godzilla: King of the Monsters next month, these pins should help tide you over for a while.

And even if you’re not a fan of giant monsters (I can’t imagine that myself, but it could happen, I guess), Yesterdays also has a killer selection of horror-themed pins that is absolutely worth checking out, too.

Heather Wixson
About the Author - Heather Wixson

After falling in love with the horror genre at a very early age, Heather Wixson has spent the last decade carving out a name for herself in the genre world as a both a journalist and as a proponent of independent horror cinema. Wixson is currently the Managing Editor for DailyDead.com, and was previously a featured writer at DreadCentral.com and TerrorTube.com where her online career began; she’s also been a contributor at FEARnet as well as a panelist for several of their online programs.

Wixson recently finished her first book, Monster Squad: Celebrating the Artists Behind Cinema's Most Memorable Creatures, and is currently working on her second upcoming book project on special effects artists as well.

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