With the two-episode season 4 finale of Z Nation airing tonight, fans don't have to wait to see if the living dead series will return, as it's officially been announced that the post-apocalyptic show has been renewed for a fifth season by SYFY.

The news of the Z Nation renewal was officially announced by executive producer David Michael Latt on Twitter and on the show's official Facebook page.

While a specific premiere date has not yet been announced, Z Nation has traditionally premiered in September and aired its finales in December over the past four seasons, so fans can expect a similar schedule for season 5 of the series.

The episode order for season 5 also has yet to be revealed, but with each of the first four seasons in the 13–15 episode range, it wouldn't be surprising to see the fifth season fall in that range of episodes.

Z Nation certainly offers a unique look at the zombie post-apocalypse, and the characters who have survived this far have seen their world change in drastically different ways. The season 5 announcement came with the tagline "The Reset Begins 2018," so fans can expect the series to continue to explore new avenues of its living dead world when it returns next year.

The series has continued its tradition of giving juicy roles for guest stars to come in and play, with this season featuring Henry Rollins as Lt. Mueller and Michael Berryman as The Founder.

Following the two new episodes tonight, Z Nation will have aired 56 episodes since its 2014 debut, and it will be interesting to see where it goes in 2018. We'll keep Daily Dead readers updated on Z Nation Season 5 as more details are divulged. In the meantime, let us know what you'd like to see in a fifth season.

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