Generations of readers have been spooked by Stephen Gammell's illustrations and haunted by Alvin Schwartz's words that are printed on the pages of the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark book series, but never before has a documentary examined the series' lasting impact. Until now. An Indiegogo campaign for a Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark documentary film is underway, and you can help bring it to life. Read More

2015/03/27 21:53:20 UTC by Derek Anderson


Ruairi Robinson's proof-of-concept teaser for The Leviathan shocked and awed millions of people who played it on their computer screens, so imagine the jaw-dropping look the feature film adaptation will have on the big screen now that 20th Century Fox has picked up the Simon Kinberg and Neill Blomkamp-produced project. Read More

2015/03/27 21:10:55 UTC by Derek Anderson


Confirming what had recently been rumored, Robert Kirkman announced today that AMC's The Walking Dead companion series is officially titled Fear The Walking Dead. Read More

2015/03/27 19:41:10 UTC by Derek Anderson


The long-awaited Deadpool film is less than one year from hitting the big screen, so it was only a matter of time before we got our first look at the Deadpool costume Ryan Reynolds will wear when playing the popular anti-hero. The first official photo of the costume has now been revealed, and instead of debuting in overly epic fashion, the reveal stays true to Deadpool's humorous form, as the photo shows the Merc with a Mouth sprawled centerfold-style on a mock bear skin rug (Reynolds assures fans that no bears were harmed) in front of a fireplace (a pose reminiscent of a certain Burt Reynolds photo from the early 1970s). Read More

2015/03/27 17:46:48 UTC by Derek Anderson


The Walker Stalkers podcast fans are in for a treat, as Robert Kirkman's Skybound Entertainment has officially partnered with Walker Stalkers, LLC and their increasingly popular Walker Stalker Con events. As part of their partnership, The Walker Stalkers podcast will be featured on Skybound's website and The Walking Dead Escape at the San Diego Comic-Con will be revamped. Also included in our latest round-up are new The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 and Intruder T-shirts from Fright Rags, as well as details on Kirk Von Hammett's 2nd Annual Fear FestEvil, which has added Bill Moseley and many more special guests to its lineup and will feature a free Carnival of Chaos this year. Read More

2015/03/27 16:34:26 UTC by Derek Anderson


Nightlight is available starting today on VOD and in theaters, and we caught up with directors Scott Beck & Bryan Woods to discuss urban legends and their unique approach to POV filmmaking: Read More

2015/03/27 16:06:48 UTC


There is good news and bad news about Kriv Stenders’ neo-noir film Kill Me Three Times. The good news is that it’s fun to see Simon Pegg enjoying himself as a real scumbag of a hitman. The bad news is that if you’ve seen a handful of crime movies in the last 20 years, you’ve already seen most of what Kill Me Three Times has to offer. Read More

2015/03/27 14:10:31 UTC by Patrick Bromley


If AMC's The Walking Dead had existed in the 1980's, an arcade cabinet adaptation could have had people lining up out the door with their pockets full of quarters and their minds looking forward to the button-mashing mayhem to come. A sequel game could have covered The Walking Dead’s action-packed third and fourth seasons, from the clearing of the prison, to The Governor's tank-led attack, to Rick taking a bite out of Joe's neck and beyond. Though The Walking Dead obviously didn't exist during the ’80s (and may have looked a lot different had it debuted in that decade), David Dutton of CineFix has thankfully followed up his beautiful "what if?" 8-bit recreation of The Walking Dead’s first two seasons with the anticipated sequel video that brings the third and fourth seasons to life in retro gaming fashion, complete with an electronic ’80's score supplied by Henry Dutton. Read More

2015/03/26 20:34:17 UTC by Derek Anderson


When humans fear something, hate tends to bubble to the surface, and that's when bad decisions get made and people, or, in the case of Clive Barker’s Nightbreed comic book series, creatures, get hurt. Fans of the film know that humans didn't react kindly or calmly upon discovering Midian, and in issue #11 of Nightbreed, the question of whether society will embrace or crush the monsters among them is poised once again. Nightbreed #11 hit comic shop shelves yesterday, but if you still haven't picked up the latest installment, we have a set of preview pages featuring four of the Breed hopping in a sweet set of wheels for a nighttime joyride. Read More

2015/03/26 16:55:13 UTC by Derek Anderson


Spidey better not swing too close to Wilson Fisk in his zombified form. Already a formidable foe as one of the living, Kingpin, aka Wilson Fisk, is even more dangerous as a hulking zombie. The folks at Gentle Giant have captured the intimidating villain in his living dead state, complete with a wine glass filled with blood and garnished with an eyeball. We also take a look at Scream Factory's Blu-ray/DVD release of Gun Woman and the submission details for a new Sharknado 3 fan contest in our latest round-up. Read More

2015/03/26 16:10:42 UTC by Derek Anderson