Goosebumps-movie-boxGenerations of horror hounds were ushered into the genre via R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps books. Siting atop the shelves of libraries around the world with their vibrantly colored spines just waiting to be grabbed by young readers, the influential series is being brought to the big screen by Columbia Pictures next summer, and a meme maker for the upcoming feature reveals familiar faces from the page that will create scares onscreen. Read More

2014/11/24 02:08:11 UTC by Derek Anderson

Tree-Walker-boxEven though fans of AMC’s The Walking Dead will be in between the first and second halves of Season 5 in December and January, you can still keep the living dead spirit alive in your home as you wait for the show’s mid-season premiere in February. An assortment of The Walking Dead holiday decorations are now available to order, including a collector’s edition walker nutcracker: Read More

2014/11/22 23:54:38 UTC by Derek Anderson

Dying-Light-boxIf you were surviving for days in a city swarming with the living dead, you’d have to sidestep a wide variety of wreckage to get from point A to point B in one piece, and a new video for Techland’s Dying Light proves that abandoned cars, spilled gasoline, massive concrete pieces, and other elements of a post-apocalyptic environment can make for excellent zombie-killing traps. Read More

2014/11/22 22:23:58 UTC by Derek Anderson

MonkeyShines-boxOh my, how the mighty had fallen! I had vague memories of Monkey Shines when I watched it over twenty years ago and, after revisiting this, it all makes sense why this film doesn’t spring to mind when I think of Romero’s great early body of work. George A. Romero’s first studio film ideally should have been the perfect opportunity for him to showcase his talent in a direction that nobody would expect and on paper it would seem that was his intention.
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2014/11/22 19:15:10 UTC by Sean McClannahan

Phantom-Opera-1989-boxThough he’s best known for playing the man of your nightmares, prolific actor Robert Englund has played a plethora of memorable roles over his impressive career, including his turn as the titular villain in 1989’s The Phantom of the Opera. Scream Factory is bringing Dwight H. Little’s take of Gaston Leroux’s classic novel to Blu-ray, but it will now take a little longer than anticipated. Read More

2014/11/22 17:09:34 UTC by Derek Anderson

Allison-Tolman-boxThose who are naughty are going to get something a lot worse than coal in Krampus, an upcoming horror-comedy film from Michael Dougherty, the writer/director of the cult Halloween film, Trick ’r Treat. The movie will follow a demon from Alpine folklore who snacks on misbehaving children during Christmastime and now the first two actors are set to do battle with the creature. Read More

2014/11/22 01:20:12 UTC by Derek Anderson

X-Files-wacky-wobbler-boxFor those who still want to believe, Funko has you covered. Fans of The X-Files will want to clear a space on their mantels, because the beloved show is getting the Pop! vinyl figure / Wacky Wobbler treatment. Dana Scully, Fox Mulder, the Smoking Man, and even an Alien will be available next spring in Pop! figure form, with the dynamic duo of Mulder and Scully also set to come out as Wacky Wobblers this winter. Read More

2014/11/21 21:40:23 UTC by Derek Anderson

Penny-Dreadful-season-2-boxClassic horror literature characters, bloodsuckers, possession—season one of Showtime’s new series, Penny Dreadful, had a little bit of everything and turned out to be an unexpected treat for horror fans. Filming has been underway on the sophomore season and today Showtime revealed the first look at the next chapter in the horror series and teased what’s ahead for the eclectic cast of characters. Read More

2014/11/21 20:52:42 UTC by Derek Anderson

E.L.-Katz-boxE.L. Katz showed how much pain people were willing to endure to bring home a big paycheck in Cheap Thrills and also helmed the segment “A is for Amateur” in ABCs of Death 2. Horror hounds now have a new E.L. Katz-helmed project to look forward to, as it’s been revealed that he is set to direct the comedy-thriller, You’ll Be the Death of Me. Read More

2014/11/21 19:59:40 UTC by Derek Anderson

Devil's-Hand-box-02Six young women share the same birthday, but only one of them will become a conduit for the devil’s handiwork on the day they turn 18. Officially becoming an adult is hell for these ladies, with a perilous prophecy hanging over their heads and someone intent on eliminating them all before the big day arrives in The Devil’s Hand. Lionsgate is releasing the film on DVD next month and we have a look at the cover art. Read More

2014/11/21 19:10:32 UTC by Derek Anderson