All-Cheerleaders-DieIt seems that this week is a particularly good week to be a genre fan if angsty-yet-kickass high school gals are your thing, as not only is Scream Factory releasing the modern cult classic Ginger Snaps onto Blu-ray, but Lucky McKee’s All Cheerleaders Die is finally getting its home release as well. Read More

2014/07/22 01:34:08 UTC by Jonathan James

Queen-of-DeadAssembled by Death amidst a raging war between Heaven and Hell, the Court of the Dead is made up of lost souls yanked from their destined afterlife paths and pulled into Death’s domain to be remade in his twisted image. The factions of Bone, Flesh, and Spirit make up Death’s army, and Gethsemoni, the Queen of the Dead, helps govern it all, including Death’s siren assassin Gallevarbe. Court of the Dead, an original collectibles line from Sideshow Collectibles, provides an intriguing world filled with rich characters and dark motives, and we have the first details on the line’s website and faction quiz. Read More

2014/07/21 23:24:30 UTC by Derek Anderson

Sacrament-boxHe’s shown us the babysitting gig from hell and what happens when causal paranormal investigating actually yields results. With his latest film, The Sacrament, writer/director Ti West gives viewers a look into the disturbing events happening at one seriously creepy cult commune. Magnolia Home Entertainment has announced a Blu-ray and DVD release date for The Sacrament, allowing viewers to visit “Eden Parish” from their couches before summer’s end. Read More

2014/07/21 22:30:00 UTC by Derek Anderson

HoneymoonI just recently had the opportunity to check out Honeymoon and I think quite a few Daily Dead readers will enjoy this one. Be on the lookout for my review in the very near future, but, until then, we have a look at the newly released teaser poster. Read More

2014/07/21 21:47:32 UTC by Jonathan James

Halloween-Blu-rayScream Factory and Anchor Bay recently announced that they’ve teamed up for Halloween The Complete Collection Blu-ray box set. Due out on September 23rd, the 15-disc collection includes all of the Halloween movies together for the first time, including the rare producer’s cut of Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers. Here’s a look at the official list of specs and bonus feature for the entire set: Read More

2014/07/21 20:23:20 UTC by Jonathan James

Michael-CaineThe Last Witch Hunter has been cooking in the cauldron for years, but now it’s finally starting to take shape. We recently reported that Game of Thrones actress Rose Leslie had joined Vin Diesel in the supernatural action film, and it’s now been revealed that the legendary Michael Caine has joined the cast. Read More

2014/07/21 19:37:47 UTC by Derek Anderson

Daryl-Statue-Lone-WolfAlthough he’s become a valuable member of Rick Grimes’ group of survivors on AMC’s The Walking Dead, Daryl Dixon will always be a lone wolf at heart. It’s just in his nature. Celebrating this strong trait of the crossbow-toting, motorcycle riding warrior is Gentle Giant with the reveal of their new Daryl Dixon “The Lone Wolf” Statue, due out in mid-2015, that features Daryl accompanied by two wolves. Read More

2014/07/21 18:46:19 UTC by Derek Anderson

Boxtrolls-poster-boxResidents of Cheesebridge lock themselves indoors at night for fear of the Boxtrolls. But Eggs, an orphan raised by the Boxtrolls, knows they would never do humans any harm, and he just might bridge the divide between the two species. Based on the popular novel from Alan Snow, LAIKA’s The Boxtrolls hits theaters on September 26th, and the film will have a Hall H panel at SDCC later this week. Read More

2014/07/21 17:28:05 UTC by Derek Anderson

Undead-OverlordUsually you would fend them off with bullets, bats, and even your hands, but in the world of Undead Overlord, you control the zombies who seek to sink their teeth into the living’s flesh. Humans are the enemy, and they better start running or gunning to survive your living dead legion in Undead Overlord, a new game from JumpCore Productions that is now available on Steam as an early access offering. Read More

2014/07/21 16:53:52 UTC by Derek Anderson

Walking-Dead-S5-Comic-ConWith Comic-Con nearly upon us, you’re going to start seeing new posters and footage from a number of your favorite properties, including The Walking Dead. Ahead of The Walking Dead Season 5 panel on Friday, AMC has released the official Season 5 key art, teasing most of the group’s Terminus imprisonment. Read More

2014/07/21 16:09:45 UTC by Jonathan James