Exists-boxWe’re back with another edition of the Indie Spotlight, highlighting the recent independent horror news sent our way. Today’s feature includes a trailer for Exists, Don’t Blink, and The Wolves of Savin Hill, an announcement of the Fifth Annual PollyGrind Film Festival, Dead Rage first details, and more: Read More

2014/09/21 18:51:07 UTC by Tamika Jones

AHS-FreakShow-teaser-02-boxShort and tall, weird and wonderful, spooky and sinister: all are welcome under the big top of Elsa Mars’ establishment of eerie entertainment. The latest batch of American Horror Story: Freak Show teasers feature performers from both ends of the size spectrum and warns that you should be careful where you stick your nose. Read More

2014/09/20 23:17:49 UTC by Derek Anderson

Freddy-2In addition to terrorizing teenagers on the silver screen, Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees stalked and slashed 8-bit characters in the worlds of two 1989 NES games appropriately titled A Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th. Nostalgic gamers can rejoice now that Funko and Super7 have captured the garish garb of the NES versions of Freddy and Jason with new NYCC-exclusive ReAction figures.
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2014/09/20 16:03:54 UTC by Derek Anderson

AmityvilleFilmgoers can knock all they want, but they’ll have to wait an undetermined length of time before theaters answer the door and let them into two upcoming haunted house movies from The Weinstein Company and Dimension Films. Amityville: The Awakening and James Wan’s Demonic, both initially scheduled to be released this winter, have now been delayed. Read More

2014/09/19 22:20:24 UTC by Derek Anderson

Justin-LongBased on an idea that popped up during his widely popular podcast and then inspired by an actual personal ad he discovered, Kevin Smith’s Tusk is an oddball exercise in weirdness that manages to stay the course despite a total tonal shift halfway through the film. Read More

2014/09/19 21:09:56 UTC by Heather Wixson

Z-Nation-boxA large set of wheels can be an effective zombie slaying weapon with a fearless person behind the wheel. After premiering last Friday, The Asylum’s apocalyptic TV series, Z Nation, returns tonight with a blood-splattered vengeance, and we have an exclusive clip from the show’s second episode that shows a massive truck turning the living dead into roadkill. Read More

2014/09/19 20:53:07 UTC by Derek Anderson

Planet-of-the-Vampires-boxThe crewmembers aboard the Argos and Galliot spaceships are sent to explore the planet Aura, not knowing that upon landing, they will face a “form of life worse than death.” Friends turn on each other as an alien living dead species begins possessing human bodies in Planet of the Vampires, a 1965 cult classic that Scorpion Releasing is bringing to home media with all-new bonus features. Read More

2014/09/19 18:49:27 UTC by Derek Anderson

GothamWe all know the story of Gotham, right? A prequel to the Batman story, Gotham follows Jim Gordon, a rookie detective, trying to clean up crime-ridden Gotham. Pretty straight-forward. The series opens with the murder of Bruce Wayne’s parents in an alley and the first episode follows the search for the killer. Along the way, we meet people who will eventually turn into familiar characters: Oswald Cobblepot (The Penguin), Edward Nygma (The Riddler), Ivy Pepper (Poison Ivy), and Selina Kyle (Catwoman). We also meet a new character, created for the show, named Fish Mooney, a tough gangster who wants to take control of the city from the gangster who currently runs the city, Carmine Falcone. Read More

2014/09/19 17:51:39 UTC by Alyse Wax

Fango-con-boxFilm conventions specifically for horror films are few and far between, so we here at Daily Dead were excited to learn that a brand new convention tailored for horror fans is taking place in a couple of months. Fangoria, Suspect Video, Anchor Bay Entertainment and Raro Video are sponsoring the event that features film screenings, parties, plenty of vendors and all of those important special guests. Read More

2014/09/19 17:00:15 UTC by Jemma George

CC-SeasonWitch-boxMasks, costumes, and decorations are starting to inch their way out of attics and crawlspaces as Halloween creeps ever closer. Those looking for some new Halloween garb might be interested in the recently unveiled Season of the Witch line of Halloween shirts and prints from Cavity Colors, with one item inspired by the sinister Silver Shamrock company from Halloween III: Season of the Witch. Read More

2014/09/19 16:29:28 UTC by Derek Anderson