For the last week of January, horror and sci-fi fans have several great titles to choose from that are making their home entertainment bow on Tuesday. Big Driver, the latest Stephen King adaptation, is coming to DVD and Cinedigm is releasing both Open Windows and Why Don’t You Play in Hell? as well, after their successful festival runs in 2014. Read More

2015/01/27 04:25:01 UTC by Heather Wixson

Night-of-the-Living-Dead-BiIn George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead, they watched the TV intently, wanting to know why the dead were walking just outside their boarded-up windows. Now, more than 45 years later, George’s son Cameron looks to explore the definitive answer to that question in Origins. A partially crowdfunded prequel to Night of the Living Dead, Origins now has another backer in Radar Pictures.

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2015/01/27 00:45:02 UTC by Derek Anderson

Black-Sunday-boxThere was more than one way to enjoy Mario Bava’s Black Sunday when it came out in the early 1960’s. After making its Italy debut in ’60, an alternate version of Black Sunday hit the silver screen in the US, giving audiences a re-edited look at the reign of terror caused by Asa Vajda’s (Barbara Steele) curse, and soon the folks at Kino Lorber will bring this US release version of Black Sunday out on Blu-ray. Read More

2015/01/26 23:45:42 UTC by Derek Anderson


Evan’s experiencing a very rude awakening. He lifts his head from the steering wheel to see the hood of his taxi rammed into the underbelly of a truck. Someone else’s blood is spattered on his face, and standing not far from his passenger door window are two zombies… the first of many Evan will encounter in Isolated, the new CGI-animated short film from Tomas Vergara that we have for Daily Dead visitors to watch. Read More

2015/01/26 21:45:37 UTC by Derek Anderson


Good ol’ Jack Burton has beaten the odds before, but he’s faced with a tricky task in the eighth issue of BOOM! Studios’ Big Trouble in Little China comic book series: pitting Lo Pan’s forces and the Lords of Death against one another. We have a set of preview pages from the eighth issue that hits shelves this Wednesday, giving us a look at Egg Shen and Miao Yin as prisoners of the powerful Lo Pan and showing us a determined Jack as he goes over his battle plan of “kickin’ butt and knockin’ skulls.” Read More

2015/01/26 20:01:29 UTC by Derek Anderson

Westworld-Ed-Harris-boxViewers saw the wild, wild West get a high-tech twist in 1973’s Westworld, the late Michael Crichton’s directorial debut that takes place in an adult amusement park populated by androids. Next year HBO is bringing us back to the park with their series reimagining of Crichton’s cautionary technology tale, and now the first photo of Ed Harris as the villainous Man in Black has been released. Read More

2015/01/26 19:11:23 UTC by Derek Anderson

TWD-Rob-LiefeldSkybound and Wizard World continue to release new editions of The Walking Dead #1 at upcoming conventions. If you’re attending the Wizard World Madison show early next month, you can pick up the issue with new artwork from Rob Liefeld:

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2015/01/26 17:46:57 UTC by Jonathan James


We’re back with another horror news round-up. This time around we have two new photos from Tremors 5, a recently released poster for the all-female directed horror anthology film, XX, as well as a look at the upcoming Zombie Strike Doominator Nerf gun. Read More

2015/01/26 16:50:32 UTC by Derek Anderson

Island-Dr-Moreau-1977-boxFrom The Time Machine to The War of the Worlds, legendary sci-fi writer H.G. Wells brought the spectacular to life on the printed page. One of his most haunting tales, The Island of Doctor Moreau, has been adapted for the screen multiple times and soon one of the film versions will receive a high-definition upgrade, as it’s been announced that Kino Lorber will release Don Taylor’s The Island of Dr. Moreau on Blu-ray. Read More

2015/01/25 19:33:23 UTC by Derek Anderson


Welcome to another horror news round-up! This time around, we have an update on whether or not Luke Evans will play Eric Draven in The Crow reboot, details on the recently announced horror film, The Greasy Strangler, and a clip, poster, and images of Bruce McDonald’s Halloween-set Hellions, making its debut this Sunday night at the Sundance Film Festival. Read More

2015/01/25 02:21:48 UTC by Derek Anderson