If AMC's The Walking Dead had existed in the 1980's, an arcade cabinet adaptation could have had people lining up out the door with their pockets full of quarters and their minds looking forward to the button-mashing mayhem to come. A sequel game could have covered The Walking Dead’s action-packed third and fourth seasons, from the clearing of the prison, to The Governor's tank-led attack, to Rick taking a bite out of Joe's neck and beyond. Though The Walking Dead obviously didn't exist during the ’80s (and may have looked a lot different had it debuted in that decade), David Dutton of CineFix has thankfully followed up his beautiful "what if?" 8-bit recreation of The Walking Dead’s first two seasons with the anticipated sequel video that brings the third and fourth seasons to life in retro gaming fashion, complete with an electronic ’80's score supplied by Henry Dutton. Read More

2015/03/26 20:34:17 UTC by Derek Anderson


When humans fear something, hate tends to bubble to the surface, and that's when bad decisions get made and people, or, in the case of Clive Barker’s Nightbreed comic book series, creatures, get hurt. Fans of the film know that humans didn't react kindly or calmly upon discovering Midian, and in issue #11 of Nightbreed, the question of whether society will embrace or crush the monsters among them is poised once again. Nightbreed #11 hit comic shop shelves yesterday, but if you still haven't picked up the latest installment, we have a set of preview pages featuring four of the Breed hopping in a sweet set of wheels for a nighttime joyride. Read More

2015/03/26 16:55:13 UTC by Derek Anderson


Spidey better not swing too close to Wilson Fisk in his zombified form. Already a formidable foe as one of the living, Kingpin, aka Wilson Fisk, is even more dangerous as a hulking zombie. The folks at Gentle Giant have captured the intimidating villain in his living dead state, complete with a wine glass filled with blood and garnished with an eyeball. We also take a look at Scream Factory's Blu-ray/DVD release of Gun Woman and the submission details for a new Sharknado 3 fan contest in our latest round-up. Read More

2015/03/26 16:10:42 UTC by Derek Anderson


It's been in the works for six years and retreats to new release dates seemingly every time the calendar draws near, however, the new Friday the 13th movie is very much alive and on its way back to the big screen, as the project has now added a new writer to its ranks, one who helped scribe the upcoming third season of NBC's Hannibal. Read More

2015/03/25 19:58:58 UTC by Derek Anderson


For the seven people seeking shelter from the zombies in an isolated farmhouse that hellish night in the late 1960s, it seemed like dawn would never come and the nightmare would never end. But the sun did come up at the end of George A. Romero's classic Night of the Living Dead, killing the night and bringing a sole survivor into another dawn before a gut-wrenching gunshot echoed across the Pennsylvania hills. That's where the story ends in the film, but tales from Romero's zombie-plagued world will continue to be told on the paneled page in three upcoming Ultimate Night of the Living Dead comic book series from Double Take, including one that follows siblings Barbara and Johnny. Read More

2015/03/25 17:55:55 UTC by Derek Anderson


Ready for more Jaegers vs. Kaijus oceanside (and ocean bottom) brawls? If you never wanted to leave the world of Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim after the end credits scrolled, don't despair. In addition to the upcoming animated series and big screen sequel, Pacific Rim is coming to life on the paneled page once again with Legendary Comics' Pacific Rim: Tales From the Drift. Read More

2015/03/25 17:04:07 UTC by Derek Anderson


[Editor's Note: Kathryn Morris from The Horror Honeys shares her impressions of The Final Girls from its recent SXSW screening]

Kicking off the Midnighters series at SXSW 2015 was a film that I'd heard only a little bit about in the months leading up to the festival. Honesty first: the plot summary was setting me up for a film that I wasn't excited to see. I had seen it before, done often, and done badly, in film after film. I was tired of meta posturing and homages... Coming off of a very long day of travel, I wasn't in the most charitable of moods when I sat down for the screening.

Director Todd Strauss-Schulson introduced the film to thunderous applause and hoots from the audience. He was nervous, but honored and excited to be showing his film: "It was a hard movie to make... there were parts where I was too ambitious..." Ambition is something that indie directors stumble over many times in their careers, sometimes the stumble makes them pick up speed, and sometimes it's a straight shot downhill.

To set the mood of the crowd, it was an 11:30pm screening, the ONLY screening for the film, and the lineup stretched for blocks from the theatre. People were extremely enthusiastic... maybe a little too extreme, as the opening SXSW mini bumper made more than a few people scream with its easy jump scare. My expectations were officially set at a very firm low level.

I'm not usually a willing passenger on the Meta Train, but about 15 minutes into The Final Girls, I forgot that I hadn't slept in 24 hours and hadn't eaten anything substantial for about the same about of time. Read More

2015/03/25 15:59:27 UTC


"I made a promise to your mother that I would protect you." Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a father struggling with his daughter's (Abigail Breslin) intensifying zombie infection in the first trailer for the living dead drama, Maggie. Read More

2015/03/25 15:37:08 UTC by Derek Anderson


For decades, Estes Park, Colorado has been a destination for road-tripping horror hounds, as Stephen King was struck with the idea for The Shining while staying at the town's Stanley Hotel. But since 2013, fright fans have had another big reason to pay Estes Park and its famous hotel a visit: the Stanley Film Festival.

After screening feature films both old and new and hosting special guests galore in their first two years, the Stanley Film Festival is approaching once again, and we're teaming up with the festival for live coverage and other special opportunities for Daily Dead readers.

We've been told to keep an eye out for a full list of events and screenings next week, but, until then, we're giving two lucky Daily Dead readers a pair of Horror Marathon passes for the festival.

Read More

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We have some great news for those hoping to see It Follows on the big screen. A big win for independent horror, the movie's limited theatrical run has been so successful that the movie is expanding to 1,200 screens this weekend. Here's the official announcement: Read More

2015/03/24 21:56:03 UTC by Jonathan James