2015/06/30 19:07:24 UTC by Derek Anderson


Scream Factory's unleashing Italian-crafted scares on Blu-ray today with their Ghosthouse / Witchery double feature, and later this summer they'll release more Italian horror on Blu-ray with their Metamorphosis / Beyond Darkness double bill. Read More

2015/06/30 16:58:10 UTC by Derek Anderson


Yesterday, Paul Feig revealed the official outfits from the upcoming Ghostbusters film, and now he's unveiled the proton pack from the new take on New York City's finest phantasmal fighting force. Read More

2015/06/30 16:08:26 UTC by Tamika Jones


Among the many new releases from Diamond Select Toys to be displayed at Comic-Con 2015 and come out in stores this fall are the Aliens Minimates Deluxe Sets. Also in this round-up: a new clip from The Gallows and release details for Dreadtime Stories. Read More

2015/06/30 01:39:19 UTC by Derek Anderson


Via Twitter, Paul Feig revealed the official uniforms from his new Ghostbusters film. Read More

2015/06/29 23:38:11 UTC by Heather Wixson


The last day of June doesn’t have a ton of DVD and Blu-ray titles, but those of you cult film fans out there will definitely want to check out this week’s offerings as both Blue Underground and Scream Factory are releasing several fun Collector’s Edition Blus that all seem like great additions for any horror fan’s home entertainment collection. Read More

2015/06/29 22:39:05 UTC by Derek Anderson


It's been revealed that Anchor Bay Entertainment has acquired North American rights to the Goetz brothers' remake of Pascal Laugier's cult classic horror film, Martyrs. Read More

2015/06/29 16:10:34 UTC by Jonathan James


We've known that The Walking Dead Season 5 was headed to Blu-ray and DVD on August 25th and we now have new details from Anchor Bay Entertainment, including the list of bonus features that will be included in the 5-disc set: Read More

2015/06/29 14:38:17 UTC by Derek Anderson


The sandy trail of a walker out for a beachfront stroll is featured in the Comic-Con key art for AMC's Fear The Walking Dead. Read More

2015/06/27 21:06:48 UTC by Scott Drebit


The absolute nucleus, the atomic chain of Italian horror begins with Mario Bava. Filmmakers from Scorcese to Tarantino have praised the lurid, awe-inspiring artistry (and artwork) of such classics as Black Sabbath (1963) and Twitch of the Death Nerve (1971). However, Kill, Baby, Kill(1966) may be his crowning achievement, a fever dream of shadows and fog, illusion and menace. Read More

2015/06/27 15:25:26 UTC by Tamika Jones


The safe handling instructions printed on the inside of these egg cartons are there for a reason. NECA's Xenomorph Egg Set is due out in September. Also: a Dude Bro Party Massacre III clip and Star Wars Rebels Season 1 home media release details. Read More