Saw-boxWith Lionsgate re-releasing James Wan’s Saw in theaters on Halloween in time for the movie’s 10th anniversary, we here at Daily Dead thought this would be the perfect time to celebrate the modern horror classic and the highly successful franchise that followed in its footsteps. Read More

2014/10/21 22:35:48 UTC by Heather Wixson

Critters-boxThey first came to the big screen two years after Gremlins, but they didn’t need to be fed after midnight in order to become evil. The ferocious alien furballs of 1986’s Critters and its three sequels look to pay Earth another visit in an upcoming series from Warner Bros.’ Blue Ribbon Content, a new label that focuses on creating live action programs for digital platforms. Read More

2014/10/21 22:13:15 UTC by Derek Anderson

Z-Nation-boxThe band of survivors in Syfy and The Asylum’s Z Nation have endured a lot—hordes of the living dead, hostile humans, and even a “zombienado”—but there are still plenty of obstacles to come this season and beyond, as it was recently announced that Z Nation has been renewed for a second season. Read More

2014/10/21 21:30:11 UTC by Derek Anderson

Robot-Jox-boxIn a future that’s been devastated by a nuclear war, major conflicts are settled between two opponents, one fighting for the Market and the other for the Confederation. The twist: each warrior fights from the cockpit of a massive robot, similar in part to Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim. Robot Jox, the sci-fi flick from Re-Animator director Stuart Gordon, will make its Blu-ray debut next summer via Scream Factory. Read More

2014/10/21 20:48:34 UTC by Derek Anderson

Wrong-Turn-Three-Finger-boxThe cannibal clan of the Wrong Turn film series hunts humans once again in the franchise’s upcoming sixth installment, Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort, now available on home media. But before you watch Three Finger, Saw Tooth, and One Eye wreak hellish havoc once again, you can see the carnage of the Wrong Turn franchise dissected in a blood-splattered infographic that would get an “A” in any stats class. Read More

2014/10/21 20:04:16 UTC by Derek Anderson

Walking-Dead-133-boxAfter more than ten years of writing The Walking Dead, you’d think that Robert Kirkman would run out of new ways to surprise us, but that certainly can’t be said after you read The Walking Dead #132, the first of two issues coming out this month. Readers can see if the story’s shocks continue when the next installment hits shelves tomorrow, and we have a few preview panels that tease what’s ahead. Read More

2014/10/21 18:52:22 UTC by Derek Anderson

James-WanHot on the heels of its release delay from 2015 to 2016, The Conjuring 2 now has a director, and fans of the first film will be happy to know that James Wan is returning to helm the sequel. Read More

2014/10/21 17:52:40 UTC by Derek Anderson

Alien-Isolation-boxSince the release of Alien: Isolation on October 7th, gamers have been tiptoeing down the halls of Sevastopol Station, evading the vicious Xenomorph and scavenging for supplies in every corner. Whether you’re deep into the game’s story or just getting started, more adventures aboard the floating haunted house-like station await, as SEGA has just announced the game’s first add-on pack. Read More

2014/10/21 17:05:26 UTC by Derek Anderson

Hauntworld-boxThere’s something about getting scared nearly to death that makes you feel very alive. Many people seek that adrenaline rush this time of year, flocking to haunted corn mazes, asylums, houses, and other creepy confines to get scared out of their shoes. Recognizing the places that frighten the best are the folks at Hauntworld, who just released their list of the Top 13 Haunted Attractions in the States. Read More

2014/10/21 16:16:45 UTC by Derek Anderson

The-Conjuring-box-4Though one of their case subjects, the possessed doll Annabelle, has settled into theaters, Ed and Lorraine Warren are currently in between pictures. Many fright fans have eagerly awaited the big screen return of the husband/wife paranormal investigating duo since they appeared in 2013’s The Conjuring, but now Warner Bros. has pushed back the release of the sequel to James Wan’s scary smash-hit. Read More

2014/10/21 15:39:34 UTC by Derek Anderson