Guardians-of-the-Galaxy-boxGuardians of the Galaxy once again claimed the top spot at the box office and is now the highest grossing movie of the year in the US. Read More

2014/08/31 19:55:52 UTC

Why-Horror-boxWe’re back with another edition of the Indie Spotlight, highlighting the recent independent horror news sent our way. Today’s feature includes release details for Out of the Dark, Travelogue of Horror, and The Hunted, a trailer for The Scribbler and The Pyramid, a look at The Walker Stalkers’s music video Talk Dead to Me, advanced screening details for L.A. Slasher, and much more: Read More

2014/08/31 19:22:26 UTC by Tamika Jones

Fright-Night-ScoobyScooby and the gang sleuth at their own risk, but the fiendish folks they run across in their “Lost Mysteries” will place them in unprecedented peril. A few weeks ago, we shared images depicting the cast of Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! facing off against horror genre antagonists, and we’re back with a new set that includes Alien, Chucky, and the sharp-toothed trio from Fright Night. Read More

2014/08/30 18:59:54 UTC by Derek Anderson

Tree-WalkerEvery year on The Walking Dead, Greg Nicotero and the talented team at KNB EFX raise the bar for makeup effects and Season 4 was no exception, with the Tree Walker being one of their most impressive zombies to date. When it came time to decide on the Season 4 Collector’s Edition Blu-ray case, it was an easy choice to go with the Tree Walker and Greg Nicotero told me how it started with Robert Kirkman’s script and ended up in Todd McFarlane’s hands: Read More

2014/08/29 23:26:07 UTC by Jonathan James

Drive-In-Massacre-boxThe Drive-In Massacre movie marathon will see Leatherface and his cannibal kin, a cake-carrying EC Comics-inspired zombie, and a horde of the brain-hungry living dead grace the silver screen this Friday and Saturday night at the McHenry Outdoor Theater in Illinois. Fans of Night of the Demons and The Return of the Living Dead should be pleased to know that actress Linnea Quigley will be in attendance. Read More

2014/08/29 22:32:39 UTC by Derek Anderson

Demons-CC-box“They will make cemeteries their cathedrals, and the cities will be your tombs.” Deadly spirits run rampant through a movie theater crowd in the 1985 Italian horror film, Demons, directed by Lamberto Bava and co-written/produced by Dario Argento. If you have fond memories of this cult horror hit, then you might be interested in Cavity Colors’ new shirt and print inspired by Demons. Read More

2014/08/29 22:23:59 UTC by Derek Anderson

JasonVideoGameMask-boxIn the 1989 NES Friday the 13th video game, Jason Voorhees killed counselors while wearing a blue hockey mask and purple outfit: a far cry from his usual garb. NECA celebrated the 8-bit NES version of Jason with both their SDCC 2013 exclusive figure and the more recent Toys”R”Us exclusive, and fans can now step into the slasher’s blue, pixelated shoes with NECA’s glow in the dark Jason video game mask. Read More

2014/08/29 20:14:52 UTC by Derek Anderson

Into-the-DalekDoctor Who returns this weekend with the second of twelve Season 8 episodes, where we see the new Doctor face off against the Daleks. To give you a tease of what’s ahead, including a look at new characters, we have a gallery of photos from Into the Dalek: Read More

2014/08/29 17:38:30 UTC by Jonathan James

The-Strain-box-3The numbers of the vampiric strigoi may be growing in New York City, but Abraham Setrakian and friends take up a new strategy against the creatures of the night in this Sunday’s eighth episode of Guillermo del Toro’s The Strain. New photos from the show’s next installment show ultraviolet lights being wielded like weapons. Read More

2014/08/29 16:31:56 UTC by Derek Anderson

AHS-FreakShow-teaser-boxSwinging through the air and crammed in a cage. The two latest teasers for American Horror Story: Freak Show are quite the contrast, but they both feature a glimpse of a curious slice of life that FX will dish out to viewers in a little over a month. Read More

2014/08/29 15:49:50 UTC by Derek Anderson