Goosebumps-box-2Another project we’ve been covering that started filming today is the feature film version of Goosebumps, starring Jack Black as R.L. Stine. Here’s a look at the press release from Sony that includes the main cast list and official synopsis: Read More

2014/04/24 01:57:27 UTC

Terminator-TV-SeriesParamount Pictures and Skydance Productions have announced that the latest installment of The Terminator franchise has started filming. For those that missed our previous coverage, here’s the official release date and a breakdown of the main cast: Read More

2014/04/23 22:18:53 UTC

Sin-City-EvaBased on the Frank Miller story of the same name, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For arrives in theaters this August and Dimension Films has released a brand new trailer: Read More

2014/04/23 20:23:54 UTC

Jurassic-WorldJurassic World recently began filming in Hawaii and a number of official set photos have been released, including our first look at Bryce Dallas Howard in the movie. Read More

2014/04/23 18:33:09 UTC

Minimate-CarlAs long as Robert Kirkman continues to introduce new characters in The Walking Dead comic book series, Diamond Select Toys isn’t going to run out of new figures any time soon. Today, they’ve given us a look at The Walking Dead Minimates Series 6 assortment, which includes Rick, Douglas, Carl, Michonne, and more: Read More

2014/04/23 17:19:21 UTC by Jonathan James

There’s a good reason that Scream Factory gets so much love here at Daily Dead and from horror fans around the world. Not only are they giving the high definition treatment to cult classics we’ve been dying to see on Blu-ray, but they’re also introducing a younger generation of fans to obscure titles they may not be aware of.

Today, Fangoria announced that they’ve teamed up with Scream Factory for a limited edition special issue that focuses on the horror label and provides in-depth interviews, photos, and more: Read More

2014/04/23 17:11:01 UTC by Jonathan James

NECA has been producing Freddy Krueger figures for years, but they’ve outdone themselves with their latest offering. We have an early look at “Ultimate Freddy,” their deluxe 7-inch figure that is due out later this year. Read More

2014/04/23 16:06:17 UTC

TheBeastWithin-boxThe trailer for The Beast Within, upon its initial release in 1982, warned that the final 30 minutes were so horrific that viewers might not survive to see the end credits roll. Scream Factory has already released the movie on Blu-ray in the US, but UK residents who survived a viewing of the grim coming-of-age flick, or those who want to check it out for the first time, will be happy to learn that Arrow Films will soon be releasing The Beast Within in a dual Blu-ray and DVD format in the UK: Read More

2014/04/23 15:34:52 UTC by Derek Anderson

*Updated* While it’s not too surprising that Telltale is interested in bringing The Walking Dead video game to next gen consoles, we have the first details from a listing that appeared on GameStop. Read More

2014/04/22 23:02:07 UTC

Stage-Fright-BoxStage Fright is already available on VOD, but it has a theatrical release coming up on May 9th and Magnet Releasing wants to give horror fans a better look at the movie.
Read More

2014/04/22 20:47:22 UTC