Walking-Dead-129-box“Even now, they still find new ways to dispose of the dead.” If you were hoping that the latest cover art for The Walking Dead would give you clues as to how All Out War ends, you’re out of luck, but we’re loving these new covers and can’t wait to see what Robert Kirkman has in store for the “New Beginning”. Read More

2014/04/18 23:58:15 UTC

StanleyWe’ve been giving away some individual screening passes for The Stanley Film festival, but we’ve been saving the best for last. Today, we’re giving Daily Dead readers a chance to win a Redrum pass that gives you access to all screenings, all panels, and multiple parties and special events. Read More

2014/04/18 23:09:32 UTC

Clifton-Collins-boxClifton Collins Jr. is the latest actor to take part in our Q&A series and he should be no stranger to genre fans with recent roles in Pacific Rim, Hellbenders 3D, and Transcendence. In this feature, Clifton Collins Jr. talks to us about working with Johnny Depp, researching the technical singularity, his role in Stung, and his upcoming book, 101 Ways to Cook Ramen (PRISON STYLE): Read More

2014/04/18 22:24:48 UTC

PumpkinheadThose who follow Scream Factory on Facebook know that Pumpkinhead is a regularly requested title and it’s one that has seemed likely, given the fact that Scream Factory has been releasing plenty of MGM horror classics on Blu-ray. Today, Scream Factory made horror fans everywhere happy with the announcement that they are bringing both Pumpkinhead and Pumpkinhead II: Blood Wings to Blu-ray this September: Read More

2014/04/18 20:14:50 UTC

Cabin-Fever-US-boxEleven years after Eli Roth’s Cabin Fever, and five years after Ti West’s Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever, horror’s tiniest serial killer is back, with a new installment from Kaare Andrews, a director probably best known for his 2013 ABCs of Death segment.

Officially a prequel rather than a sequel, Cabin Fever: Patient Zero attempts to provide an origin story for the virus, while still delivering enough laughs and gore to keep fans of the previous two films happy. However, like its predecessor Spring Fever, this latest strain of the franchise lacks the infectious inventiveness and sheer bite that made Roth’s first film a cult classic: in horror terms, think mild rash, rather than full-on flesh-eating fury. Read More

2014/04/18 19:40:49 UTC by Becki Hawkes

Walking-Dead-Vol-21-boxWe’ve been covering quite a bit of The Walking Dead‘s All Out War story arc, but we know that there are many of you who prefer to read the volumes over individual issues. You’ll get your chance to read the second half of this epic story arc on July 23rd, when The Walking Dead Volume 21: All Out War (Part 2) is released. Read More

2014/04/18 18:22:44 UTC

While it probably won’t come as a surprise, Syfy announced that Face Off will be back for a seventh season that will kick off in July. Here’s a look at the official press release that also reveals that a new judge will be joining the special effects make-up competition: Read More

2014/04/18 17:12:04 UTC

Godzilla-Teaser-Poster-Box*Updated* Godzilla‘s Gareth Edwards is the focus of four featurettes released by Warner Bros., with the director talking about his favorite movie monsters, taking on Godzilla, and starting out as a filmmaker. Read More

2014/04/18 16:30:21 UTC

Rewind-This-BoxA light-hearted but entertaining look back at the glory days of VHS tapes and those who still remain passionate about them today, Rewind This! is a near-perfect documentary. Rewind This! explores the historical impact of VHS and celebrates everything we love about the now-dormant format that lives on through the collectors who still pound the pavement in search of the perfect tape. Read More

2014/04/18 15:53:37 UTC by Heather Wixson

RexToday sees the release of Poseidon Rex on iTunes and select theaters, and we caught up with director Mark L. Lester for our latest Q&A feature. Best known for directing Commando and Firestarter, Mark tells us about his fascination with creature features, developing Poseidon Rex, and what he’s working on next: Read More

2014/04/18 15:28:53 UTC