*Updated* While it’s not too surprising that Telltale is interested in bringing The Walking Dead video game to next gen consoles, we have the first details from a listing that appeared on GameStop. Read More

2014/04/22 23:02:07 UTC

Stage-Fright-BoxStage Fright is already available on VOD, but it has a theatrical release coming up on May 9th and Magnet Releasing wants to give horror fans a better look at the movie.
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2014/04/22 20:47:22 UTC

Delivery-boxThe Collective recently announced the acquisition of Delivery: The Beast Within and will be releasing the movie to theaters and on VOD services next month. Here’s a look at the official trailer: Read More

2014/04/22 20:06:29 UTC

Big-Bad-WolvesToday sees the release of Big Bad Wolves on Blu-ray & DVD and Magnolia Home Entertainment / Magnet Releasing are giving Daily Dead readers a chance to win a Blu-ray copy.
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2014/04/22 18:48:00 UTC

Hannibal-Season-2-boxLast week, we saw American Mary‘s Katherine Isabelle show up as one of Hannibal’s patients and she returns in this week’s episode. If you’d like an idea of what’s coming up, we have the synopsis and a dozen photos from Shiizakana: Read More

2014/04/22 18:12:53 UTC

Penny-DreadfulWe’re getting close to the premiere of Penny Dreadful and we have a set of photos from the upcoming Showtime horror series from Skyfall‘s John Logan and Sam Mendes: Read More

2014/04/22 16:42:37 UTC

Dominion-boxThis June, Syfy will begin to air Dominion, a new TV series based on 2010′s Legion. While it’s unlikely that we’ll be covering the series in detail, we wanted to give Daily Dead readers a look at the first trailer, so you have an idea of what to expect.

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2014/04/22 16:05:49 UTC

ContractedFor his latest feature, indie filmmaker Eric England takes a look at the horrific consequences of unprotected sex, how society values women and the demise of humanity’s concern for the well-being of others.  A thoughtful and wonderfully cringe-inducing body horror story, Contracted is an often frightening and nasty exploration of isolation and desperation that grabs hold from the start and doesn’t let up until the film’s bitter conclusion. Read More

2014/04/22 15:30:58 UTC by Heather Wixson

Jessabelle-boxLionsgate will release Jessabelle late this summer and you can check out the first official photo from this supernatural thriller right now.

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2014/04/21 23:50:44 UTC by Derek Anderson

Dog-SoldiersScream Factory recently announced that 2002′s Dog Soldiers would be released later this year as a collector’s edition Blu-ray / DVD combo pack. Unfortunately, the release has been delayed and we may not see it this year. Read More

2014/04/21 23:25:24 UTC