Nightbreed-SF-RE-boxAnyone with an interest in watching Clive Barker’s director’s cut of Nightbreed should most likely be familiar enough with the troubled production history and the Cabal cut that was making the festival rounds a couple of years ago. What makes this the definitive version of Barker’s ambitious dark fantasy is how this manages to expand the grand mythology taken from his novel Cabal, while adding clarity to Lori (Anne Bobby) and Boone’s (Craig Sheffer) relationship as the center of the story. Most importantly, the 40 minutes of new material was added in a way that actually helps the pacing and only running 18 minutes longer than the theatrical version keeps this from being a bloated experience.

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2014/10/25 20:56:14 UTC by Sean McClannahan



Natalie Brown plays Kelly Goodweather on The Strain, a character that is much more than just the ex-wife of Dr. Ephraim Goodweather. Natalie is the latest to take part in our Q&A series and tells us all about her characters journey throughout the first season. *Spoiler Warning* Read More

2014/10/25 18:03:03 UTC by Jonathan James

Late-PhasesIt has been announced that Late Phases will receive a limited theatrical release on November 21st and we a brand new trailer for Adriån Garcîa Bogliano’s new werewolf movie: Read More

2014/10/25 17:34:07 UTC by Jonathan James

Family-Guy-horror-boxWe’ve seen Freddy take on Jason and watched the Predator go up against Alien in respective movies, but in TinyCo’s mobile game, Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff, fans can see the horror icons collectively go up against Peter Griffin and friends (who are dressed as the Ghostbusters) when they invade Quahog. Read More

2014/10/25 15:24:18 UTC by Derek Anderson


One of my very favorite parts of this job is being able to pay tribute to movies that I grew up loving, the ones that taught me something about the genre and had a huge impact on me as a horror or cinema fan in general. One such movie is Ernest R. Dickerson’s Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight  andm with its 20th anniversary approaching, I thought the horror comedy would make for a perfect selection for my next DEADLY – Horror & Sci-Fi Magazine retrospective in the upcoming November issue.

During my research on Demon Knight over the last several months, I came across some really cool production stills and the official set of lobby cards that were released in 1995. Because they’re not something easily found online, I thought it would be fun to share with our readers as I geeked out over these and think other fans of Dickerson’s hugely underrated film might have some fun checking these out as well. Read More

2014/10/24 23:32:19 UTC by Heather Wixson

The-Last-Witch-Hunter-boxThe Last Witch Hunter has been cooking in the cauldron for years, but with filming currently underway, the Vin Diesel-starring fantasy action film is finally coming to fruition, and Summit Entertainment has penciled the picture in a calendar slot that’s deep into next year’s Halloween season. Read More

2014/10/24 20:57:18 UTC by Derek Anderson

Elder-Predator-bust-box-02An elite alien warrior who didn’t shy away from showing respect to a human who had earned it in 1990’s Predator 2, the Elder Predator was recently immortalized in grand fashion via Sideshow Collectibles’ Sixth Scale Figure. But Sideshow isn’t stopping there, as they’ve just unveiled their Elder Predator bust, giving the wise alien hunter an up-close, meticulously detailed tribute. Read More

2014/10/24 20:20:47 UTC by Derek Anderson

UnderworldIf the latest Underworld film and TV series news has reignited your passion for the werewolves versus Lycans franchise, or if your love of the horror-action films never diminished in the first place, you just might be interested in Hollywood Collectibles Group’s bust of Kate Beckinsale’s Death Dealer Selene. We have photos of the bust that portrays the highly skilled vampire glancing warily to her left. Read More

2014/10/24 18:05:54 UTC by Derek Anderson

ABCs-Death-box-05There are many ways to die—peaceful, painful, and otherwise—and Magnet Releasing’s ABCs of Death 2 features 26 more ways to meet your end. To commemorate their macabre movie, the 26 ABCs of Death 2 directors have laid out their picks for the greatest movie deaths of all time and we have a video comprising their slaughterous selections.

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2014/10/24 17:05:07 UTC by Derek Anderson

VHSViral-boxEarlier this week we saw the debut of a chart calculating the carnage of the Wrong Turn franchise, and now an infographic analyzing the kills of the found footage V/H/S horror film series has been unveiled, coinciding with the release of V/H/S: Viral to VOD platforms. In addition to the bloodbath breakdown, we also have a look at a new red band clip from the franchise’s third installment. Read More

2014/10/24 16:08:20 UTC by Derek Anderson