VHS-Viral-box-02The third entry in the found footage franchise is available just in time for Halloween and features segments from Nacho Vigalondo, Marcel Sarmiento, Gregg Bishop, Justin Benson, Todd Lincoln, and Aaron Moorhead. Here’s a look at two clips from V/H/S: Viral: Read More

2014/10/31 15:50:36 UTC by Jonathan James

Ghost-TrainANEW announced that they are moving forward on Ghost Train, an English language remake of the 2006 Japanese horror movie Otoshimono: Read More

2014/10/31 15:25:47 UTC by Jonathan James

Saw-boxFilmgoers first exposed to the bone-crunching traps and mind-warping twists of Saw one decade ago can honor the film’s 10th anniversary by reliving Jigsaw’s macabre morals on the big screen beginning this evening. Also taking place tonight is a live Q&A with cast and crew members from the iconic film at the ArcLight Hollywood and don’t worry if you can’t make it, because the event can be live-streamed on your computer. Read More

2014/10/31 00:36:13 UTC by Derek Anderson

Joker-boxWhen you think of spooky places this time of year, perhaps images of Haddonfield, Camp Crystal Lake, and The Further dance in your head. But this Halloween, DC is taking readers on a new tour of terror with a batch of horror-themed comics. Tiptoe through a creepy campus, lose your mind in the insane asylum, grab a seat at the Joker’s dinner table, and crawl through haunted mines where bats hungrily eye your neck.  Read More

2014/10/30 22:39:14 UTC by Derek Anderson

Pet-Sematary-box“Sometimes dead is better.” Nearly 25 years ago, viewers heard Jud Crandall’s wise quote when Pet Sematary was released to theaters. The memorable movie was based on Stephen King’s 1983 novel and directed by Mary Lambert off a screenplay by King, and now Mondo is giving fans of the film a Halloween treat with the release of the Pet Sematary soundtrack 2XLP vinyl, along with The Omen striped variant vinyl LP. Read More

2014/10/30 22:02:14 UTC by Derek Anderson

Fede-Alvarez-boxViewers went back to the possessed woods in Fede Alvarez’s 2013 Evil Dead reboot that showcased a group of young adults tormented by the wicked Naturon Demonto. While many fans have been waiting for Alvarez and co-writer Rodo Sayagues to bring an Evil Dead sequel to the big screen, it’s now been revealed that their next project will deal with a different kind of horror. Read More

2014/10/30 20:46:25 UTC by Derek Anderson

Jason-Kane-boxAs Friday the 13th fans know, Kane Hodder is a stalwart staple of the franchise. Having played Jason Voorhees in four films, Kane easily holds the record for playing the Crystal Lake slasher the most times and now it’s been announced that he’ll be donning the weathered hockey mask once again at Chicago’s Mad Mobster True Crime and Horror Expo, with F/X artist John Carl Buechler applying the makeup. Read More

2014/10/30 19:33:41 UTC by Derek Anderson

Universal-Monsters-short-film-boxThey’ve been known to suck blood, howl at the moon, and lurk beneath the water’s murky surface, but though the Universal Monsters can each be intimidating in their own way, they all show a friendlier side on Halloween night when little ghouls and goblins come to them in search of candy. Diamond Select Toys features their Universal Monster action figures in the animated short film, Trick or Treat.
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2014/10/30 18:26:37 UTC by Derek Anderson

What-we-do-shadows-box-02This November, over 100 films will be  screening at AFI FEST 2014 in Los Angeles and more than a few of those flicks will be of the horror variety. Attendees hungry for vampire humor, coming-of-age terror, and frights that hit close to home should be happy to hear that What We Do in the Shadows, It Follows, and Goodnight Mommy are a few of the horror movies screening at the festival. Read More

2014/10/30 17:32:01 UTC by Derek Anderson

Night-Living-Dead-marathon-boxLos Angeles filmgoers looking to get into the horror holiday spirit the second Halloween starts will want to attend the All-Nighter of the Living Dead, a movie marathon at the historic The Crest of Westwood cinema. Graveyard zombies, a possessed doll, evil alien clowns, living dead mall walkers, and Dracula’s soul brother will all help ring in All Hallow’s Eve at the midnight-to-dawn event. Read More

2014/10/30 16:38:38 UTC by Derek Anderson