We knew that a sequel to Sinister has been in development, but we’ve been waiting to hear who would replace Scott Derrickson as director. An announcement has just been made and fans of 2012′s Citadel should be very happy. Read More

2014/04/18 00:28:12 UTC

Alien-Isolation-boxCreative Assembly just released a new developer diary that gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the design of Alien: Isolation, including the retro look & feel of space-age technology in the Alien universe. Read More

2014/04/17 23:29:47 UTC

Evil-Within-boxThe Evil Within is our most anticipated horror game of the year and August can’t come soon enough. Gamers will likely get a better look at the game at this year’s E3, but, until then, we have a new batch of screenshots and the recently released gameplay trailer. Read More

2014/04/17 21:29:51 UTC

Godzilla-Poster-3-boxAt this point, we’ve seen more Godzilla poster than we’ve seen photos from the movie, but as long as they keep releasing interesting pieces, we’re not complaining. Here’s a look at the latest poster that takes a minimalist approach:
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2014/04/17 20:00:08 UTC

Quiet-Ones-Box-3Ahead of The Quiet One‘s release in the US on April 25th, Lionsgate has released a third and final trailer for the upcoming Hammer horror movie. Read More

2014/04/17 19:18:16 UTC

Scouts-boxThe main cast of Scouts vs. Zombies is coming together and a familiar face has been hired to play the Scout leader.  Read More

2014/04/17 18:41:42 UTC

Stage-Fright-BoxAs someone whose only tattoo happens to be the iconic red lips from The Rocky Horror Picture Show poster, you could say that my interest in seeing the latest horror musical, Stage Fright, was a “sure thing.” Written and directed by Jerome Sable, Stage Fright is a clever, gory and wickedly fun time that truly celebrates everything we love about horror musicals with an unabashed enthusiasm that you can’t help but fall in love with. Read More

2014/04/17 17:02:34 UTC by Heather Wixson

Delivery-boxThe Collective has announced the acquisition of Delivery: The Beast Within and will be releasing the movie to theaters and on VOD services next month. We have official release details, the poster for the movie, and a handful of stills: Read More

2014/04/17 16:30:57 UTC

From a double feature screening of both versions of The Wicker Man to midnight screenings of movies that feature malicious mothers, Nitehawk Cinema’s May lineup of late-night movies hails to horror hounds.  Read More

2014/04/17 15:49:12 UTC

The-Quiet-Ones-boxAfter the success of 2012’s The Woman in Black, Britain’s iconic Hammer studios continue their recent return to horror production with another supernatural thriller, John Pogue’s The Quiet Ones. Like its predecessor, The Quiet Ones boasts both an atmospheric, distinctly British period-setting, and a pale, earnest young man who becomes entangled in dark forces beyond his control.

Despite its strong sense of location and more than capable cast, Hammer’s latest venture feels a little unsure of its own identity, relying far too heavily on intrusive, Paranormal Activity style forays into found footage. This is a shame, as underneath all the unnecessary camera-dropping and ten-a-minute scares, there’s actually quite an intriguing film here. Read More

2014/04/17 01:39:58 UTC by Becki Hawkes