Batman-Comic-Con-boxPart of a 75th Batman Anniversary montage wall at Comic-Con, a new image of Ben Affleck as Batman in Zack Snyder’s upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has been released. This second look at Affleck as Batman takes us close to the Dark Knight in a reflective state. Read More

2014/07/24 22:26:58 UTC by Derek Anderson

leatherface-cEarlier this week, two titans in genre filmmaking came together at the Vista Theater in Los Angeles for truly one of the most incredible Q&A’s I’ve ever had the pleasure of witnessing. In honor of the recently completed restored print of his 1974 visceral classic The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Tobe Hooper was joined by long-time friend and mentor William Friedkin for a candid discussion of his timeless gut-punch horror movie. Read More

2014/07/24 22:11:06 UTC by Heather Wixson

Tree-Walker-boxWe recently reported that The Walking Dead: The Complete Fourth Season is coming to Blu-ray and DVD and each edition comes with a unique feature or collectible for fans to enjoy. With their limited edition release, Walmart’s exclusive of the show was already slated to include a “West Georgia Correctional Facility Key” and a CD soundtrack, and now they have added another incentive to SDCC attendees who pre-order the release at Comic-Con: a “Rick Grimes Sheriff’s Badge.” Read More

2014/07/24 21:16:46 UTC

TheStrain-App-boxIf you’ve ever wondered what you would look like as an infected vampire while watching Guillermo del Toro’s new TV series The Strain, then you can now find out without going through the painful process yourself. A new transformation app has been released that allows users to see themselves depicted in various stages of the ancient vampiric infection, and you definitely wouldn’t want to use it as your LinkedIn profile photo. Read More

2014/07/24 20:31:41 UTC

SpierigBrothers-box*Updated* They first came onto the genre scene with 2003′s sci-fi/horror mash-up Undead and then looked ahead to a vampire-ridden future in 2009′s Daybreakers. Now the Spierig brothers are stepping into a real-life massive haunted house as they have been tapped to rewrite the screenplay for Hammer Films’ Winchester, and the brothers also have their sights set on directing the film. Read More

2014/07/24 19:55:21 UTC by Derek Anderson

Hellraiser-Bestiary-boxThe traveler of multiple realms, it’s no surprise that Pinhead is no stranger to the panels of comic books. His return to the medium this time is via BOOM! Studios’ mini-series, Clive Barker’s Hellraiser: Bestiary, that hits shelves with its first issue this August with a Tales From The Crypt-like anthology format. One of the story arcs features a seemingly impossible and suicidal mission for a team of mercenaries: the stealing of the head Cenobite’s pins. Read More

2014/07/24 19:16:46 UTC by Derek Anderson

Soska-SistersMany horror fans are familiar with the Soska sisters, the directing duo behind 2012′s American Mary and the upcoming See No Evil 2. Fans of American Mary should be pleased to learn that Jen and Sylvia Soska now have their next project in sight: an adaptation of the comic book series, Painkiller Jane. Read More

2014/07/24 18:38:19 UTC by Derek Anderson

Alien-BoxRidley Scott immersed viewers in a spaceship of horrors 35 years ago and now it’s time to return. Alien: Isolation may focus on Ripley’s daughter, but SEGA and The Creative Assembly are allowing gamers to relive the events of the 1979 movie and have brought back much of the Nostromo’s crew, including Sigourney Weaver, to lend their likeness and voice. A new video shows the original cast reflecting on the film’s legacy and the upcoming game. Read More

2014/07/24 17:59:02 UTC by Derek Anderson

TheStrain-Episode3-boxWhile nobody likes catching a virus, at least our medicine-aided bodies are usually able to recover. But, if you catch the vampire virus in The Strain, Guillermo del Toro’s new TV series, you’re on the fast track to becoming a creature of the night, as shown in the newly released photos from the next episode. Read More

2014/07/24 17:17:09 UTC by Derek Anderson

Pinhead-Sideshow-teaser-boxYesterday, we showed you Sideshow Collectible’s tease of the Pinhead premium format figure, but we got a look at the full figure in person on the Comic-Con show floor last night. Based on Pinhead from Hellraiser III, the premium format figure is expected to be available for pre-order in the very near future. Those attending Comic-Con can get a look at the figure by visiting the Sideshow booth #1929. Read More

2014/07/24 16:48:08 UTC by Jonathan James