The Game Theatre is known for bringing medieval fantasies to life in their immersive Dragon Thrones experiences, and they're expanding into the world of horror—particularly of the bloodsucking variety—in 2018.

Taking place in New York City on April 21st, The Game Theatre's new megagame Night Falls will blend elements of a board game and role-playing experience that will allow participants to play as either a vampire or someone who hunts creatures of the night.

Tickets are limited, so if you're interested in experiencing Night Falls, be sure to visit The Game Theatre online, and keep an eye out for the Night Falls megagame to be published by Everything Epic sometime this year. And, in case you missed it, The Game Theatre is also teaming up with White Wolf Entertainment for a role-playing vampire game in New Orleans.

From The Game Theatre: "Will you survive Night Falls? Vampires, and those who hunt them, clash in the night. Use your cunning, wit, and charm to forge alliances, make enemies, and thrive under the cover of darkness.

Join us a for a large-scale interactive board game experience in a historic Little Italy Manhattan location. The game is a tactical board game for up to eight (8) teams and simultaneously creates a one-of-a-kind competition that blends elements of tactical war-gaming and diplomacy moderated by The Game Theatre.

Do not let the term 'MegaGame' scare you off, the rules will be taught in 15 minutes at the beginning of the event. No experience or materials are necessary. So come on out and have fun trying something new! If you like interactive and competitive board games you will love this! Vampires, Hunters, private underground bar... need we say more?

Tickets are VERY LIMITED!

7:00 PM 10:30 PM

Dress code: we will offer suggestions for players who are on Vampire or Hunter teams. There is no strict dress code, however costuming is encouraged. If you prefer to not dress up then wearing black and white is fine.

Note: this is not a Live Action Role-Play event and not a theater show, this is a very large, highly social board game played at different table stations and teams must rely on one another for victory."

Photo: Above photo from The Game Theatre Facebook page.

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