While Sabrina Spellman has gotten used to having one foot in the mortal world and the other in the Dark Lord's realm, it looks like she'll explore the Path of Night more than ever before in the new teaser trailer for Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: Part 2 (aka season 2), premiering on Netflix on April 5th.

Netflix shared the season 2 teaser trailer with the following caption:

"Get ready, mortals. Our girl's gone full witch. Join Sabrina as she navigates the Path of Night while holding on tight to her friends who walk the Path of Light. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina continue on April 5."

While season 2 will continue plenty of storylines from characters introduced in season 1, Entertainment Weekly recently revealed two new faces that will be joining the cast as recurring guest stars in the second season. First up is Alexis Denisof (known by many as Wesley Wyndam-Pryce in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel), who will portray Adam Masters, the unsuspecting boyfriend of Mary Wardwell (Michelle Gomez): "Handsome and charming, Adam returns to Greendale after a stint overseas working with Physicians Without Frontiers—unaware that his fiancé has been taken over by the demoness Madam Satan.”

Oscar Wilde fans take note, because second up is Jedidiah Goodacre (The Originals), who will play Dorian Gray, "the owner of an exclusive nightclub called Dorian’s Gray Room." Dorian will be portrayed as an “enigmatic gentleman of an indeterminate age,” one who is “very good at keeping secrets, especially his own—a cursed portrait he hides from prying eyes” (via EW).

EW also previously reported that Mckenna Grace (The Haunting of Hill House, I, TonyaCaptain Marvel, the third Annabelle film) will play a young Sabrina Spellman in the show's holiday special, which premieres December 14th on Netflix. According to EW, Netflix shared the following statement regarding young Sabrina's story:

“During our holiday special, we’ll get to see what Sabrina was like as a precocious tot. And while The Church of Night celebrates the Solstice, that doesn’t stop Li’l Sabrina from asking Santa for something special.”

We'll be sure to keep Daily Dead readers updated on future news regarding Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and in case you missed them, check out images from the holiday special.

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