His green, veiny flesh glistening as though he has just emerged from murky waters, Len Wein and artist Bernie Wrightson's iconic creation Swamp Thing comes to life in Sideshow Collectibes' amazing new maquette, and we have photos of the figure from the Comic-Con show floor to share with Daily Dead readers.

"After a terrible accident left Alec Holland as an avatar of of the Green he found he had the ability to control all plant life and quickly become a proctor of the human and plant worlds! Sideshow is very excited to be bringing the Green known as Swamp-Thing to life in a brand new Maquette! This DC Comics collectible will be available for Pre-Order soon!"

While a release date for the Swamp Thing maquette has yet to be revealed, we'll be sure to share more details as they come in. In the meantime, keep an eye on our Comic-Con 2017 coverage hub for the latest news from San Diego, and check out our photos below.

If you're in San Diego, be sure to stop by Sideshow's Comic-Con booth #1929 to see a wide range of incredibly detailed collectibles, including their jaw-dropping Court of the Dead display.

[Photo Credit: Jordan Smith / Daily Dead]

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