Happy Cyber Monday, everyone, and welcome back for Day 3 of Daily Dead’s fourth annual Holiday Gift Guide! Once again, our goal is to help you navigate your way through the horrors of the 2016 shopping season with our tips on unique gift ideas, and we’ll hopefully help you save a few bucks over the next few weeks, too.

This year’s Holiday Gift Guide is being sponsored by several amazing companies including Mondo, Anchor Bay Entertainment, DC Entertainment, and Magnolia Home Entertainment, who have all donated an assortment of goodies to help you guys get into the spirit of the season. Daily Dead also recently teamed up with Texas-based artist Dustin Pace of Duddy in Motion to create an amazing Stranger Things print that all of our giveaway winners will receive with our amazing prize packs that feature a collection of items including movies, graphic novels, and much more. One lucky winner will also receive the Collector’s Edition Box Set of Season 6 of The Walking Dead!

For a chance to win one of our 2016 Holiday Gift Guide prize packs, send an email to contest@dailydead.com with “Holiday Gift Guide” in the subject line, and be sure to include your full name and mailing address as well.

Blu-rays & DVDs:

The Conjuring 2 (Warner Home Video, Blu/Digital HD & DVD)

The supernatural thriller brings to the screen another real case from the files of renowned demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren. Reprising their roles, Oscar nominee Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson star as Lorraine and Ed Warren, who, in one of their most terrifying paranormal investigations, travel to north London to help a single mother raising four children alone in a house plagued by malicious spirits.

High-Rise (Magnolia Home Entertainment, Blu-ray & DVD)

Tom Hiddleston stars as Dr. Robert Laing, the newest resident of a luxurious apartment in a high-tech skyscraper whose lofty location places him amongst society s upper class. Laing quickly settles in and meets the other tenants: Charlotte (Sienna Miller), a bohemian single mother; Wilder (Luke Evans), a charismatic documentarian who lives with his pregnant wife Helen (Elisabeth Moss); and Mr. Royal (Jeremy Irons), the building s enigmatic architect. Life seems like paradise to the solitude-seeking Laing. But, as power outages become more frequent and building flaws emerge, mainly on the lower floors, social strata begins to crumble and the building descends into a class war.

The Wailing (Well Go USA, Blu-ray & DVD)

In this unbelievably tense supernatural thriller, a foreigner’s mysterious appearance in a quiet, rural village causes suspicion among the locals - suspicion which quickly turns to hysteria as the townspeople begin killing each other in brutal outbursts for seemingly no reason. As the investigating officer watches his daughter fall under the same savage spell, he agrees to consult a shaman for answers - unknowingly escalating the situation into something far more dangerous.

Over six years in the making, director Na Hong-jin’s meticulously crafted follow-up to the globally acclaimed THE YELLOW SEA and THE CHASER (his third to premiere at the Festival de Cannes) smashed box office records upon its debut in South Korea, where fans are already making return viewings to catch new clues and debate what’s sure to be the most talked-about ending of 2016.

Green Room (Lionsgate, Blu/Digital HD & DVD/Digital)

After witnessing a shocking crime, a young rock band is unexpectedly thrust into a life-or-death battle to escape the clutches of a diabolical club owner (Stewart) and his ruthless henchmen in this white-knuckle thriller.

The home entertainment release of Green Room contains audio commentary with director Jeremy Saulnier and a behind-the-scenes featurette.

Don’t Breathe (Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, Blu-ray & DVD) – 11/29 Release

From the twisted minds behind EVIL DEAD comes a new terrifying experience. Three young thieves (Jane Levy, Dylan Minnette, Daniel Zovatto) fight for their lives after breaking into the home of a blind man (Stephen Lang) who has a dark side.

The Witch (Lionsgate, Blu/Digital HD & DVD)

A devoutly Christian family in 1630s New England, struggles to survive living along the edge of a vast wilderness. When one of their five children goes missing and their life-sustaining crops fail, they fall victim to paranoia and fear as they begin to turn on one another.


Alien: The Weyland-Yutani Report

Alien: The Weyland-Yutani Report contains extensive information on the characters, locations, vehicles, and weapons from Prometheus and the Alien films.

For hundreds of years now, scientists at the Weyland-Yutani Corporation have been monitoring the behavior of an alien life-form so powerful that its potential for military application appears limitless. Although all attempts to harness the beast’s abilities have ended in appalling bloodshed, the acquisition of the Xenomorph remains a priority. As such, Weyland-Yutani has granted you access to their detailed files on the alien in the hope that you will be able to help capture and subjugate one of these fascinating yet deadly creatures. This exclusive in-world book utilizes specially commissioned illustrations and thirty-five years of Alien movie concept art and film stills to create a deeply engrossing reading experience that explores the nature of the Xenomorph in unparalleled detail. Alien: The Weyland-Yutani Report contains extensive information on the characters, locations, vehicles, and weapons from the movies, along with an in-depth breakdown of the Xenomorph’s life cycle, to give readers the most comprehensive look at one of movie history's greatest monsters. Covering all aspects of this hugely popular franchise’s thirty-five-year history, Alien: The Weyland-Yutani Report is the ultimate book for fans.

Alien Next Door

See a new, caring side to the legendary science fiction monster as he tends to Jonesy the cat, endeavours to keep his house cleaner than the Nostromo, and searches for his place on a cold, new, alien world: Earth. From facehuggers to feather dusters, discover how the perfect killing machine relaxes after a day of scaring space marines.


Gritty Sugar: I came across Gritty Sugar earlier this year and thought that Steff Egan, the artist behind GS, did a great job capturing the spirit of the fun of pop culture with her artistry. Check out her Stranger Things, Little Shop of Horrors, Deadpool, or the Jessica Lange American Horror Story tribute prints for just a few gift ideas for this holiday season.

Vinyl Pick of the Day:

The X-Files – Volume 3: Limited Edition (4-CD Box Set, La-La Land Records)

La-La Land Records, Twentieth Century Fox and Twentieth Century Fox TV Records proudly present the third 4-CD volume of composer Mark Snow’s spellbinding original scores from the award-winning, landmark television series, THE X FILES. Over the run of this beloved series, Snow’s music shaped all the episodes’ many emotional and contextual layers, crafting a sonic atmosphere unlike anything prime time television had heard before. Such notable episode scores as “Deep Throat,” “Sleepless,” “Detour,” and “Drive” are featured here, among many others. Produced by Mike Joffe, Mark Snow and Nick Redman, and mastered by James Nelson, this attractive 4-CD compilation, limited to 3000 units, showcases more than 5 hours of music and is housed in a sleek, hardcover slipcase, alongside a 40-Page CD booklet that contains exclusive, in-depth liner notes from writer Randall Larson. The striking packaging is by art designer Mark Banning. The truth is indeed still out there – and Mark Snow’s indelible music continues to shine the light towards it!


RIPT Apparel: I’ve only recently become familiar with RIPT Apparel, but I’m a big fan of what I’ve seen so far from them. Check out these fun holiday sweaters themed for Beetlejuice, The Walking Dead, Child’s Play, Ghostbusters, and The Nightmare Before Christmas, and be sure to check out their entire selection for some truly inspired geek-themed designs.

Enamel Pins:

Deeply Dapper: For today’s enamel pins selections, we’re visiting the online store of Deeply Dapper, which features the work of artist Kristopher McClanahan. For those of you looking for some stocking stuffers this year, the DD Predator Mofo pin or the Stranger Things-inspired pin are sure to delight their recipients, and this Krampus enamel pin, which is currently available for pre-order, is pretty awesome too.


Horror Decor: For today’s collectibles, I thought we should take a moment to highlight some of the amazing horror-inspired items that you can find year-round on Horror Decor’s site, including their Handbook for the Recently Deceased pillow, this killer Camp Crystal Lake candle or the entire HD Cuddle Creeps collection, which I’m a big fan of as well. If you’re looking to get some goodies from Horror Decor in time for Christmas, you should place your order NO LATER THAN December 5th in order to make their shipping deadlines.


Plants vs. Zombies Bowling

Knock out those zombies with the Plants Vs. Zombies 2 Wall-nut bowling set. Includes: 6 Zombie bowling pins and a Wall-nut bowling ball. Each Zombie bowling pin stands 6-inches tall, and the Wall-nut bowling ball is 3-inches tall, perfect for kids' hands!

Etsy Spotlight:

The Curiositeer: The first Etsy shop we’re going to turn the spotlight onto today is The Curiositeer, which specializes in “oddities and curiosities for the discerning weirdo.” They have an amazing selection of offbeat gifts, but my personal favorite has to be the Baby Alien Xenomorph necklace which features a lot of intricate details.

Sugar and Spikes Co.: The other Etsy shop I wanted to highlight was Sugar and Spikes Co., which I recently came across while digging around on Etsy late one night. Sugar and Spikes features a lot of cool cult-related buttons and jewelry, and their bloody hacksaw earrings caught my eye while I was perusing their inventory.


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