It was rumored last month that Capcom would be releasing retro costumes for Resident Evil 6. Some fans may have been a bit worried when the costumes didn't come along with the new title update, but Capcom recently released official images of the costumes and provided details on how you can pick them up:

"Want to start obtaining these things? Well, it seems our first opportunity to get one is coming up on December 28th, when launches the "Zombie Mayhem" online event. The event calls for all RE6 players to join forces and kill as many zombies as possible. If we hit 15 million worldwide, all participants will be able to unlock one costume from this set. 

How do you get the rest? Keep checking those online events! The site holds several events each month, and there'll be lots more opportunities to collect these great nostalgic items."

There has been plenty of Resident Evil 6 news over the last couple of weeks. If you need to catch up, check out the following links:

Source: Capcom Unity