Haven Season 3 begins this evening and we have a number of photos and videos for you to check out. We also have a chance for Daily Dead readers to pick up Haven Season 2 on DVD.

"It is at the pinnacle of the Nathan and Duke rivalry that Season Three begins.  In the finale of Season Two, Nathan—thinking he and his partner were about to take their relationship to the next level—arrived at Audrey’s apartment to find her missing, apparently abducted.  We pick up Season Three on the search for Audrey and the identity of her mysterious abductor, who seems to know much more about Haven than our heroes, and has a very personal interest in Audrey and The Colorado Kid—a murder mystery that has stumped Havenites for 27 years, the last time that Audrey, then known as Lucy Ripley, was in Haven.

In his search for answers this season, Nathan turns to a shadowy organization of “troubled” people who call themselves “The Guard.” Initially investigating “The Guard” for their suspected involvement in the abduction of Audrey and some particularly heinous crimes, Nathan falls for the charms of one of their members, the beautiful, intriguing and troubled Jordan McKee (Kate Kelton). And just as Nathan struggles to keep his investigation a secret from Jordan, he struggles to keep his involvement with Jordan a secret from Audrey.

Audrey and Nathan are only wedged further apart by the discovery that “The Colorado Kid,” a long-dead man mysteriously tied to Audrey’s past, might not only still be alive, but was a man that Audrey once loved. Driven by the idea that she might not be alone in this strange world after all, and that the people she loves seem to always pay the ultimate price, Audrey pushes herself to the limit—and beyond—for the truth and perhaps a chance at a normal life.

Meanwhile, this season Duke must grapple with the fate laid out before him by his family’s curse, and is torn between his innate goodness and his dark purpose in Haven.  He remains on the side of good—for now—but a discovery he makes about Audrey will put everything in question: Audrey’s time in Haven has an expiration date. Will Audrey truly disappear, as she has supposedly done for innumerous “cycles” previously? Where does she go?  And what happens to Haven if she isn’t around to protect it?

As her fate closes in, Audrey, Nathan, and Duke find themselves in a fight to escape their destinies, even as every choice they make seems to lead them to repeat Haven’s history."

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