“A fragment of life from another world, brought to us by Death himself.” An exquisite addition to the Court of the Dead series, Shard: Mortal Trespasser is a new Premium Format figure from Sideshow Collectibles, and they sent one our way to check out. After taking the time to look over and display the new Premium Format figure, fans can rest assured that this depiction of the Underworld’s first mortal is a worthy addition to the high-end Court of the Dead collectibles.

Upon receiving the figure, right away I notice that the box is remarkable, with fine details highlighted in gloss upon a full matte finish. There is a tasteful use of red and gold metallic that adds a premium polish to this premium figure.

Opening the package, I am greeted with a thank you card and a carefully packed and secure piece. Overall, the figure is easy to assemble, with very few pieces to set in place. Standing 23 inches high, Shard will make a great centerpiece among the ranks of your favorite collectibles. The figure’s fairly narrow and more vertical base allows it to fit nicely in between other large pieces. Weighing in at 12 pounds, it can be comfortably carried when needed, but is also secure enough to be displayed sturdily on a high shelf.

Shard’s descent down the figure’s crumbling stone base, her dual swords, and scar slicing a path through the skin above and below her left eye scream out loud and clear that she’s one character in the series that you don’t want to mess with, and Sideshow’s design team expertly brings her intimidating confidence to life with great attention to detail.

The storytelling within this piece puts such a grin on my face. Examining the figure’s details, I try to imagine the scene playing out. Ready for battle, both of Shard’s swords—called “Faith Bearer” and “Seraph’s Woe”—are sheath-less, suggesting a long battle about to commence at the bottom of her path. Her dark hair and blood-stained cloak dance in the wind current of an open cavern as she makes her way through Death’s unforgiving realm. She looks determined and confident, with no sign of fear hidden in her steely gaze.

As with many of the cloth pieces included with these Premium Format figures, the Shard collectible contains a wire stitched in place to help give her cloak a real feel and lifelike appearance. Along with the clothing, the base does not disappoint. The texture of the skulls and stone, contrasted with the bright blue glow act as a great support and balance to Shard’s form.

As Sideshow states, “the former Templar knight is adorned with armor forged within the capital city of Illverness.” And what a sight to behold the armor is.

Head to toe, the details on Shard are astounding, but I’ve never seen woven armor with detail as intricate as this. Its color and texture provide a nice marriage with the chest plate and pauldrons, and the impeccable sculpting work by Mark Newman lends the armor a welcome realism, with subtle scratches and cracks giving it a battle-hardened look that pairs perfectly with her deadly blades. Fine details such as the sword (the same crest from the outer box) in the center of the chest, or the skulls adorning each shoulder, help form her storyline. Although she is the only truly living character in the Court of the Dead series, the details of her attire are reminders that she is far from the comforts of humanity.

The Shard Mortal Trespasser is a fantastic piece to purchase as a start to your Court of the Dead collection and a worthy addition for fans piecing together the realm in their own home.

If you’re thinking about buying Shard or want to look at any of the other available Court of the Dead figures, head on over to Sideshow Collectibles’ official site.