I'm back with the second part from my interview sessions with the cast and crew of The Walking Dead Season 3. During Comic-Con, I had an opportunity to ask questions to Andrew Lincoln, Greg Nicotero, and Sarah Wayne Callies, who talked about the state of the group in the new season and teased the opening of the first episode:


What can you tell us about the start of the new season? 

Greg Nicotero: We come upon our group surviving out in the wild, sort of where we left off in Season 2. They have all become these survivors and badasses moving from place to place. It feels like you blink an eye and see the group surviving, but we can't give too much away...

Andrew Lincoln: We can't really give too much away. It's a very important first five minutes and I think it's a very clever thing they've done, but that's all we can say about it.

Sarah Wayne Callies: Maybe what we can say is that what you see is the effect of the loss of those people and who we've become absent Shane and Dale. One was a very significant force fracturing people, and another put us back together. We have to re-calibrate a little.

Andrew Lincoln: You also see a brilliant teaser at the beginning, because it tells so much about the emotional state of the group with no dialogue. It's really smart, so it's a quiet five minutes, but pretty intense. You learn everything you need to know visually, and I think it's very bold and smart.

Do these characters have a goal beyond survival at this point?

Andrew Lincoln: It's counterpoint to Woodbury and I think the people we've been following for two years now are still trying to begin civilization. Interestingly, Woodbury is a more evolved society and you see where they are headed. It's a good mirror and where our group could be headed if things were different.

Sarah Wayne Callies: It's everything we think we want. We tried to create it at the camp and the camp was overrun. We tried to create it at the farm and that was overrun. It's starting to look impossible, but you see this other group for whom it seems very possible.

Andrew Lincoln: This season is very much about starting over. How do we redefine ourselves? How do we describe ourselves in an apocalyptic environment? Do we do it in our own image? Do we turn back the clock and try to begin completely from scratch or do we hold on?

Will this season see the group splinter further? Will it be more of an everyone for themselves situation?

Greg Nicotero: I think that's the world those characters live in and that's what makes the show terrifying. We talk so much about where these characters are and what they've learned. What they've learned is that there are no rules. When they go to the bar [in Season 2] and come across those two guys, I thought it was so random and it was really jarring. The actors did such a great job of making it feel real and teased the idea that walkers aren't the only threat out there. It's survival of the fittest...

Andrew Lincoln: It was a joy to play that scene, because [Michael Raymond-James] tells his story. You get to learn about the world outside, as well. It's a breath of fresh air, but it's also terrifying because it brings the scale of the world into the story.

Sarah Wayne Callies: I think that's what the third season is all about. These people have been on the run long enough that all of our resources are running out. The biggest threat before you get to the walkers, is who gets the food, who gets the ammunition, who gets the safety, who deserves to survive, and who gets cast out.

What can you tell us about the addition of Michonne and The Governor in the third season?

Greg Nicotero: There is a great blueprint for them in the graphic novel. I think Frank Darabont said it best when he said that the graphic novel is like the freeway, and every once in a while you'll take an exit, explore the area, and get back on the freeway again. Knowing the iconic stature of Michonne and The Governor, these actors have a great blueprint laid out for them.


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