In the 1989 NES Friday the 13th video game, Jason Voorhees killed counselors while wearing a blue hockey mask and purple outfit: a far cry from his usual garb. NECA celebrated the 8-bit NES version of Jason with both their SDCC 2013 exclusive figure and the more recent Toys"R"Us exclusive, and fans can now step into the slasher's blue, pixelated shoes with NECA's glow in the dark Jason video game mask.

Coming out in November for an undetermined price, NECA's Glow in the Dark Jason Mask is painted a light blue that turns green when the lights go down. The glow in the dark capability is also featured on both of NECA's Jason Voorhees video game figures. The mask comes in a full, wearable size that can be put to good use at late Halloween bashes this year and on Friday the 13ths and costume parties down the line.

"His name was Jason… and this was his mask. Or at least it was in the classic Friday the 13th video game!

This full-size, wearable replica of Jason’s mask is based on the 1989 “so-bad-it’s-good” 8-bit game. The hand-painted reproduction features elastic harness straps that allow you to wear it or hang on the wall — and true to the video game original, it glows in the dark! As a bonus, the mask comes in unique, game-inspired packaging."

If you missed it, check out our coverage of NECA's latest retro-style Jason Voorhees video game figure:

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Source: NECA
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