If you've listened to our Anna and the Apocalypse episode of Corpse Club, read Heather Wixson's interview with Ella Hunt, or checked out her 5-star review of the movie, then you know that we're fans of the new zombie Christmas-themed musical that is giving viewers a living dead pep in their seasonal step. We're extra thrilled, then, that Cavitycolors is celebrating the infectious holiday horror comedy with a new Anna and the Apocalypse apparel collection featuring artwork by Devon Whitehead and Nacho Scratcho.

You can check out Cavitycolors' Anna and the Apocalypse collection below (including a T-shirt, baseball shirt, and lapel pin), and to learn more, visit their official website.

From Cavitycolors: "We’re very pleased to announce our collaboration with the iconic film studio ORION PICTURES to celebrate the wide theatrical release of ANNA AND THE APOCALYPSE!

Our exclusive capsule collection includes Tees, Baseball Raglans, and Lapel Pins

The film follows Anna and her friends as they slice & dice their way through a full blown zombie apocalypse on Christmas. Yes, you read that right: a ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE ON CHRISTMAS.

Sounds fun, right? We’ve got tons of blood, zombie snowmen, zombie mall Santa’s, and the songs (yes, it’s a horror musical!) and cast are so charming and infectious like a zombie plague, that you’ll catch yourself humming the tunes for weeks on end. It's an absolute blast!

Horror fans, you have to get out and see this movie theatrically if you can. I promise you’ll leave the theater covered in blood with a BIG smile on your face."

  • Derek Anderson
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