Robert Kirkman promises that The Walking Dead #100 will “easily be the most gruesome, most violent, disturbing” issue of comic book series. With the release of The Walking Dead #99 tomorrow, fans are anxiously waiting to see what Kirkman has in store for Rick and the group.

While we're unlikely to see much from the actual issue until the #100 release on July 11th, Image Comics has teased the appearance of a new character. So who is Lucille? We're putting our money on the leader of Saviors, but your guess is as good as ours at this point. Even having read #99, we don't know any more about this new group than we did in issue #98.

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Source: Image Comics
  • Daniel Santiago Cuervo Gómez

    I’m Pretty sure that in the next issue, Rick and probably the rest of his group will die, ending the Story of Rick, and Lucille Will Be Another New Character with another different Story to tell. Remeber that Kirkman once Said that in any moment, Rick and Carl could die, and the Walking Dead could pass to the story of somebody else.

  • then why will something to fear last until 102?