Last week, we gave you a look at NECA's Dream Master Freddy as part of their upcoming line of A Nightmare on Elm Street figures. Today, we have an image from NECA that shows off their take on the original Freddy from the first film...

Here is some previously released information on the "Original Freddy" figure:

"Nightmare on Elm Street Freddy with outstretched arms, regular arms, removable hat and interchangeable heads (classic and skinned face with exposed skull)"

Besides Nightmare on Elm Street Freddy and Dream Master Freddy, the following are also planned for release later this year:

"* Freddy’s Revenge Freddy with bladed finger nails, removable hat and interchangeable heads (regular and screaming face)

* Dream Warriors Freddy with ripped sweater revealing Freddy’s victims and Elm Street house accessory"

Source: NECA Twitter