We've seen a number of Prometheus viral videos, including one where Peter Weyland (played by Guy Pearce) delivers a TED Talk.  With the release of Prometheus in the US this weekend, Fox has rolled out a new viral video and website.

This video gives us a brief glimpse of Peter Weyland before his speech and has a  Weyland logo that says "Building better worlds since 10.11.12". A new website has been launched, named What is 10.11.12?, and your guess as to what happens in October is as good as ours. Is it the Blu-ray/DVD release date? Will we get extended footage or new viral videos? Perhaps a sequel announcement?

Previous viral releases have included hidden components, so there may be something embedded within the website or video. We have the video below and you can visit the website at: http://www.whatis101112.com/

We've also included the original TED talk below, as it is not featured within the movie and serves as a short prologue. To learn more about Prometheus, catch up on our recent coverage with the following links: