"The weather outside is frightful" takes on an all-too-real meaning for a group of friends celebrating New Year's Eve at an isolated cabin in Colton Tran's Snow Falls, and ahead of the horror film's January 17th Digital and On Demand release via Lionsgate, we have a look at the movie's chilling trailer.

Directed by Colton Tran from a screenplay by Luke Genton (and a story by Colton Tran and Laura M. Young), Snow Falls stars Victoria Moroles, Anna Grace Barlow, Johnny Berchtold, Jonathan Bennett, and Patrick Fabian.

Synopsis: "This terrifying wintertime horror tale will chill you to the bone. As med student Eden joins four friends at a remote cabin to celebrate New Year’s, party time quickly turns serious when a brutal winter storm isolates the kids and knocks out the power. After making frozen cocktails with the snow, Eden and her friends start acting strangely. Convinced that the flakes have infected them with an evil virus, they struggle to stay awake to avoid freezing to death. Who will survive this icy ordeal?"

  • Derek Anderson
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